It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Every year, it seems, the Christmas music and decorations at the malls and storefronts appears earlier and earlier. It used to be Thanksgiving was the kick-off… then it moved back a few weeks… then Halloween.  Pretty soon we’ll be introducing the official launch of summer with decorations!

Why?  Simple.  Christmas sales comprise 19.3% of the annual sales among the retailer industry! The outcome of Christmas sales can (will) literally make or break a company’s entire year… it can determine whether the company survives, thrives or closes its doors forever.  When there is that much on the line, companies know they must make the most of it – and one way of doing so is to add an extra week or two or four to the build-up.

As a Wellness Coach, are you taking the same approach?  Your “Christmas Season” comes just after the retailer’s season.  The month of January is all about health and wellness.  Everywhere you turn, it’s all wellness, all the time. And if you’re smart, you can make your year by making the most of this month.

What are those steps?  Here are a few to get you started:

  • Start highlighting your services now. Clarify what you offer as part of your 3 tiers of wellness coaching services and start spreading the news.
  • Put it down on paper. Compose a single page flyer that you can share with current clients (gifts for their family and friends?), patients, etc.
  • Set up speaking engagements for early in the year with anyone who has an audience. You have great topics that will be on most everyone’s radar screen come January 1st – get those set now.  Even if it’s just a 15 minute presentation on sleep and productivity at the local sales networking breakfast, line it up now.
  • Launch your social networking pursuits slowly in November, build up a bit in December to prime the pump and be ready to go ALL IN come January.

Right now, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – everywhere you turn. But in a little more than a month, it’s going to be looking a lot like your best annual opportunity to grow your business.  Are you ready?

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