Health and Wellness Education for Coach Certification and Continuing Ed

At the Catalyst Coaching Institute, we believe wellness education is a life-long voyage. While the Certified Wellness Coach program is the perfect starting point, we hope you continue to grow in wellness knowledge after becoming certified. To pave the way, we offer a variety of engaging courses and resources that cater to your goals and aspirations.

Certified Wellness Coach Courses / Wellness Webinars

One of the many appealing aspects of our Certified Wellness Coach training is that you select the coursework. We offer 21 course options, so you can tailor the 10 required courses to your interests. Each course covers real-life client scenarios, and you can engage the instructor with questions. Approx. 1.5 hours each

Continuing Education Courses

We offer a variety of continuing education courses (CEUs) to maintain your growth trajectory. Similar to our certification programs, we created an approach that fits your lifestyle and budget. Each course includes a 1.5-hour webinar, downloadable handout, quiz and certificate of completion.

Coaching MBA Program

Our Wellness Coaching MBA is the nation’s first business training for certified wellness coaches. The program provides the practical tools, skills and resources needed to successfully launch and grow a wellness business.