Comments from some of our graduates


What a terrific curriculum! The weekend training was one of the most impactful educational sessions I’ve attended in my career. It had the perfect balance of presentation of material, engagement with the large group, and terrific breakout activities to execute and apply the concepts.I left the training more intrigued than ever before. -Jason G, Catalyst Coaching Institute Student

David DiPaola


Recently I completed my Certified Wellness Coach certification from Catalyst Coaching Institute (CCI). I found CCI as an approved vendor on the Nation Board for Health and Wellness Coaching website (NBHWC). There were several reasons I selected CCI, 1) their program was approved for national board certification from NBHWC, 2) the schedule of their program was a reason time commitment and faster than most, 3) I could complete the certification completely from my home, 4) about half the program was self-paced, 5) cost was reasonable, 6) there was no sales pitch or pressure to buy and 7) CCI had the #1 Health and Wellness podcast with amazing guests so they must be doing something right. From my initial conversation with Suzanna, I knew this was the program for me. When I inquired about program details, there was no sales pressure, just relevant information with a friendly approach. I am very glad I choose CCI. I did tremendous research on coaching strategy and wellness before starting CCI program. I initially thought it would be mostly review for board certification. To my surprise, I learned so much. The prerecorded webinars and the two day session were excellent!  I also learned a tremendous amount from the practice coaching sessions. My coaching skills are so much stronger now that I have completed CWC. I am continuing with MCWC and then with National Board Certification. I want to be clear, Brad and Suzanna did not solicit this review. I asked if I could write it. Their program was such high quality, I didn’t want to stay silent.  Both are fantastic people. -David DiPaola VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/3Fx9fAktErY

Catalyst Coaching Institute Testimonial - Dave


Aloha. The application of the coaching certification to my endurance athlete coaching practice has been nothing short of Wow. A recent session with a client who had gotten a bit lost in the weeds resulted in a powerful reset and him creating a new vision (for life – well beyond the athletic pursuits)! The methods I’ve learned through Catalyst have revamped my practice, the service I provide my clients and given me a breath of fresh air personally. – Dave Dwan, Endurance Coach from New Zealand and Kona, HI

Catalyst Coaching Institute Testimonial - Shawn


I want you to know how absolutely proud I am to be a student of Catalyst. Catalyst is, of course, the gold standard of Health and Wellness Coaching. My sense of pride that I will be a gold standard Health and Wellness Coach once certified through Catalyst is both humbling and empowering and so priceless to me! Thank you as well for creating the feeling of family. It sounds corny, mushy maybe, but that’s my feeling, my experience with Catalyst. You and Suzanna are so personable and present, so involved, so invested in the education of us students. Again, thank you! – Shawn Bashary, Physical Therapist and Wellness Coach


As a longtime physical therapist, I began to research how a wellness coaching program might enhance the services we offer in our clinic. The Catalyst Coaching Institute immediately stood out. We had no desire to just “hang out a shingle” and start coaching. With Catalyst, I found formal education from a nationally-recognized and highly accredited organization with dedication to both clients and team members alike. The Catalyst team has continued to mentor me all the way through National Board Certification and has been instrumental in the success of our wellness coaching program. It could not have been a better decision. -David Henslee, Physical Therapist


After about 20 years of physical therapy practice, I decided to start my own business combining coaching and physical therapy.   Realizing I needed education in wellness coaching one of my first steps was to certify through Catalyst Coaching Institute. Its national credibility and recognition made it an easy choice. The training was very well rounded and user friendly. I was able to incorporate the coaching techniques from the get-go and when I had some questions, they were always willing to help. I’m pleased to say that my coaching business has really taken off … thanks to Catalyst for being a huge “catalyst” in getting my second career jump started! -Charlie Boeyink, PT, MPT, OCS, CWC


The FastTrack program in Colorado provided a very valuable weekend! Suzanna’s teaching style is comprehensive, approachable and honest, making it easy to understand and put everything into practice. The hands-on practice with actual Mentor Coaches on site with us also provided a distinct advantage over traditional learning settings. To top it off, the interaction with the other attendees provided a new perspective and enhanced the discussions/learning process. It was so great to be with people from all over the country who all have the same goal of helping people. Thank you!


Frankly, I signed up for this because it covered my CEU requirements as a Physical Therapist. Am I ever glad I did! After completing the non-threatening, interactive FastTrack program, I became so much more aware of how to improve my communication, listening, empathy and ability to help move my clients (and even family members) through a reflective process that will actually produce better outcomes. Thanks for providing the nudge I needed to move forward. There’s no question this will help me help others improve their lives across the full spectrum of health and wellness!

Rita R

I wanted to let you how much I enjoyed participating in the MCWC program. Although I have been coaching for many years and have obtained previous certifications, I really felt your program to be extremely worthwhile! The topics were well chosen! Taking a deep-dive into Appreciative Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing and all forms of non-violent communication is necessary for any coach, whether just starting out or experienced! I especially love the way you included practical scenarios in every presentation. Sometimes just learning the theories isn’t enough; as you know, it’s the practical application of those theories that counts! I share your view that a well-informed and motivated coaching staff is key! A coaching department with credentialed and experienced coaches opens door to clients and prospects – and changes lives! It is an exciting time for the health coaching industry. Thank you for sharing your expertise and promoting this amazing, rewarding career!


(The Catalyst Coaching Institute) represents the best of both worlds when it comes to wellness coaching. Brad has an amazing business background and Suzanna is the mastermind behind the coaching… so you are really getting a well-rounded training program. Whether you are starting your own business or working for a company you will feel that you are prepared to start your journey as a wellness coach.


As a coach who is now moving into the health and wellness arena, the Catalyst Coaching Institute training provided what I needed to help me excel in my own career. The way they incorporate Motivational Interviewing on such a practical level is something every coach should know and use in their daily practice. Suzanna and Brad are both wonderful instructors and I would absolutely recommend Catalyst to anyone who is considering this route in their career.