Comments from some of our graduates

I emerged from the training with confidence and clarity to start my own business. The networking from the (on-site training) was invaluable with (both the instructors) and the other coaching professionals who attended.

Catalyst Graduate

(The Coaching Certification) has helped me to take it to the next level as a Wellness Coach

Catalyst Graduate

The time spent in the training was well worth it. Lots of good information to take in and implement into coaching. The materials (were) presented in a way that was easily understood, and there were activities to enhance and put into practice what had been learned. (It) was very informative and enlightening, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering going into coaching or to anyone currently coaching (who would like to) enhance their skills.

Catalyst Graduate

Although I have been coaching for awhile, it was so good to refresh my skills and further develop techniques for coaching clients (through) having conversations about what matter most to them. What I learned will enhance my existing relationships with clients and help us to go deeper in our time together.

Catalyst Graduate

As someone who is new to the field of coaching, I found the process to be extremely beneficial. After completing the on-site portion of the training, I felt confident enough to begin working with my own clients. And from the results I’ve seen since then, there is no question that what I’ve learned is really making a difference in their outcomes.

Catalyst Graduate

I wanted to let you how much I enjoyed participating in the MCWC program. Although I have been coaching for many years and have obtained previous certifications, I really felt your program to be extremely worthwhile! The topics were well chosen! Taking a deep-dive into Appreciative Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing and all forms of non-violent communication is necessary for any coach, whether just starting out or experienced! I especially love the way you included practical scenarios in every presentation. Sometimes just learning the theories isn’t enough; as you know, it’s the practical application of those theories that counts! I share your view that a well-informed and motivated coaching staff is key! A coaching department with credentialed and experienced coaches opens door to clients and prospects – and changes lives! It is an exciting time for the health coaching industry. Thank you for sharing your expertise and promoting this amazing, rewarding career!

Rita R

The CWC training was a great experience. We learned from the instructor and each other and we walked away feeling confident to begin coaching!

Catalyst Graduate

I gained a whole new and effective skill set that has enabled me to better help my clients. The training was comprehensive, concise and very eye-opening.

Catalyst Graduate

(The Catalyst Coaching Institute) represents the best of both worlds when it comes to wellness coaching. Brad has an amazing business background and Suzanna is the mastermind behind the coaching… so you are really getting a well-rounded training program. Whether you are starting your own business or working for a company you will feel that you are prepared to start your journey as a wellness coach.

Robin Sprigler

Frankly, I signed up for this because it covered my CEU requirements as a Physical Therapist. Am I ever glad I did! After completing the non-threatening, interactive FastTrack program, I became so much more aware of how to improve my communication, listening, empathy and ability to help move my clients (and even family members) through a reflective process that will actually produce better outcomes. Thanks for providing the nudge I needed to move forward. There's no question this will help me help others improve their lives across the full spectrum of health and wellness!

Sally Lyons

The FastTrack program in Colorado provided a very valuable weekend! Suzanna's teaching style is comprehensive, approachable and honest, making it easy to understand and put everything into practice. The hands-on practice with actual Mentor Coaches on site with us also provided a distinct advantage over traditional learning settings. To top it off, the interaction with the other attendees provided a new perspective and enhanced the discussions/learning process. It was so great to be with people from all over the country who all have the same goal of helping people. Thank you!

Meghan Geisler

As a coach who is now moving into the health and wellness arena, the Catalyst Coaching Institute training provided what I needed to help me excel in my own career. The way they incorporate Motivational Interviewing on such a practical level is something every coach should know and use in their daily practice. Suzanna and Brad are both wonderful instructors and I would absolutely recommend Catalyst to anyone who is considering this route in their career.

Michelle Gulli

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