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Estes Park, Colorado

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Rocky Mountain Coaching Retreat & Symposium

Rocky Mountain Coaching Retreat & Symposium

MoveFuelRest … Connect!

Are you tired of the same old conference? 

Looking to recharge your battery, improve your skills as a wellness coach and earn 14 continuing education credits through the NBHWC, all at the same time?


The Rocky Mountain Coaching Retreat & Symposium has been specifically designed to create a balance between advanced education, small group interactions and guided personal reflection time.

During our instructional time, the focus will be on practical information that you can incorporate into your coaching sessions. You will also have a chance to connect with other health and wellness coaches from around the country in breakout sessions.

The personal reflection time is designed to deepen the experience as you not only hear topics, but have a chance to purposefully reflect on how each topic relates to you.

And of course, we have included an opportunity to coach and be coached. We all recognize the value in working with a coach within a safe environment to clarify our personal visions. Finishing with this dynamic coaching opportunity will allow everyone to walk away from the weekend with new ideas that are integrated into specific action plans.

The retreat curriculum was designed to enhance your coaching skills, expand your vision and re-energize your life. Our speakers are experienced and engaging, and emphasize evidence-based practices—not just opinions or headlines.

Perhaps most important, the schedule is organized in a way that allows you to adopt this new training in a format that will leave you refreshed and renewed as you continue helping your clients move toward #BetterThanYesterday!

The Retreat is also approved through the NBHWC for 14 continuing education credits for our coaches who are NBC-HWC’s!  Check out the 2024 Retreat Schedule, the amazing line-up of speakers and the topic descriptions!

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Featured Speakers

Leigh Baker MPH, NBC-HWC

Creating Your Seat at the Table: YOUR Unique Role in Advancing the Coaching Profession

Leigh Baker MPH, NBC-HWC

While coaches all share the common goal of partnering with individuals to improve their health and well-being, each of us brings a unique set of skills, passions and resources to the work that we do. In this interactive session, Leigh Baker, a nationally board-certified health and wellness coach and small business owner, will use the coach approach to evaluate successes and challenges within the coaching field. We will also explore unique examples of how each of us can leverage our strengths, passions and resources to create our own unique seat at the health & wellness table and advance the health and wellness coaching profession.

Leigh Baker is a national board-certified health and wellness coach with a master’s degree in public health from East Carolina University (dual concentration in health behavior and health administration). With over a dozen years in health & wellness, she received her coach training through Duke Integrative Medicine and has been coaching professionally since 2019.

Stemming from her experience working in both the non-profit and private sector of the health care system, Leigh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the health and wellness field. She has a diverse background in the health coaching field, ranging from conducting research studies on the efficacy of coaching interventions to leading women’s wellness retreats and working one-on-one with individuals to support their health journey.

In addition to her direct work in coaching, Leigh is also brings a unique entrepreneurial perspective as co-owner of a custom furniture business! Along with her husband, they operate a storefront offering hand-crafted, custom furniture, natural home products, and home accents. With a passion for holistic living, Leigh oversees business operations while also incorporating wellness workshops into their offerings, creating a unique space that promotes both physical and emotional well-being.

Through her combined expertise in public health, health and wellness coaching and entrepreneurship, Leigh is committed to supporting individuals on their journey towards a balanced and fulfilling life, with their health in mind.

Sabryna Liddle - Catalyst Coaching Institute

What’s Behind Curtain #2?

Sabryna Liddle MS, NBC-HWC, CWWPC

How many times have you pondered: I wonder how another coach would discuss this with their client?  Or what types of techniques would another coach use? Or what else could I have done?! In this unique format, you will get to view an unscripted coaching conversation conducted live by Sabryna Liddle in front of the group. The coaching session will then be followed up with an interactive discussion on identifying coaching skills and techniques utilized, along with brainstorming additional coaching techniques or topics that also could have been integrated within the coaching session. It is expected to be a fun, collaborative way for us all to flex our coaching muscles!

Sabryna Liddle has a Masters in Wellness and Heath Promotion Management and a bachelor’s in business administration, making her role as coach and leader at Catalyst Coaching 360 for the past 18 years a natural expression of who she is. Sabryna’s current favorite coaching topics are helping clients create a healthier thinking/feeling/being cycle and supporting clients to improve their connections with others.

Sabryna has a voracious love of learning, and her passion is to share her knowledge and experiences with those who also want to champion change as a coach. Sabryna has taught courses on coaching at the collegiate level, as well as being an enthusiastic instructor for Catalyst Coaching Institute. She loves being an integral part of growing the coaching community because she truly believes that the coaching profession is the key to creating a healthier and happier world.

Brad Cooper, PhD, MSPT, MBA, ATCr

Mountaintop Mindset

Brad Cooper, PhD, MSPT, MBA
CEO, Catalyst Coaching 360

The mountaintop experience – that event that momentarily takes us to another level – is one thing. The mountaintop MINDSET – the ability to maintain that other level in our lives, with our coaching clients, and our community – is entirely different. In this year’s Friday night launch presentation, Dr. Cooper will draw on the latest evidence-based research, age-old manuscripts, and personal insights to provide you with a toolbox full of ways in which you can take your mindset and that of your clients to the top of the mountain, day in and day out. Clear eyes… Full Hearts… it’s GO time!!

Dr. Cooper is CEO of Catalyst Coaching 360, founded in 2007 to provide best-in-class, board-certified health, wellness & performance coaching for organizations nationwide. Brad has spoken professionally in all 50 states and across Europe, is host of the popular Catalyst 360 podcast, is an elite Masters runner, 11-time Ironman (4X at Hawaii World Championship) & was featured in the film Godspeed: The Race Across America after winning the 2-person event. He’s spent his life as a human performance junkie, earning 4 college degrees, including a PhD, to help individuals enhance their personal and professional lives. He’s crazy about his bride of 31 years, loves being Dad to 3 (married) adult “kids” and “Gramps” to their new granddaughter.

Suzanna Cooper, Catalyst Coaching Institute Faculty

Forest Bathing 101

Suzanna Cooper, LPC, OTR/L, NBC-HWC

The practice of Forest Bathing originated in Japan and provides a fun and meaningful way to combine the exploration of nature with that of our inner selves. You will learn the standard sequence of “invitations” that includes engaging your senses and being mindfully present. Suzanna will share a simple practice you can try independently or expand upon with a small group of coaches Saturday afternoon. And of course, it is such a great tool to share with your clients in whatever part of the country you live!

Suzanna Cooper has a pair of Masters degrees, including one in mental health counseling, and is known nationally for her knowledge of coaching and interpersonal communication. As the Chief Learning Officer for the Catalyst Coaching Institute, she is the driving force behind one of the top wellness coach training programs in the country. She is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and oversees a team of coaches as the Chief Learning Officer of a national employee wellness company. Suzanna is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is a life-long learner with experience in a variety of settings with the common thread of coming alongside others to help them be their best selves within their current season of life by focusing on what is important to them.

Tasha Merchant

The Road Less Coached: Real (truly REAL) World Coaching

Tasha Merchant, PhD

We all enjoy coaching clients with endless resources, access to health care, convenient fitness facilities, and more. But how does this translate in the real world? Dr. Tasha Marchant brings her extensive experience working with underserved populations in a community health center, sharing effective strategies to make the most of every opportunity – even the most difficult of those opportunities – to help us enhance our coaching in real life.

Dr. Marchant holds multiple degrees in Health & Exercise Science (BS/MS from Colorado State University) and Nutrition (PhD from S. Dakota State University). Looking to integrate key clinical elements, she then pursued her license as a Registered Nurse. She currently serves in a faculty role as the Lifestyle Medicine Educator at the Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program. In addition, she’s spent the past 17 years supporting patients in making meaningful lifestyle changes to their health & quality of life at The Family Medicine Center. Her professional interests center on health behavior change, motivational interviewing, and using lifestyle modification and exercise in medicine.

Donna Cetroni, RN, BSN, MA, AHN-BC, NBC-HWC

Embracing Life with Gratitude and Joy: This One’s for You!

Donna Cetroni, RN, BSN, MA, AHN-BC, NBC-HWC

“Put your oxygen mask on first…” It’s a phrase we’ve heard dozens (hundreds?) of times as our flight begins, a reminder that if we neglect our own oxygen in our desire to help others, our impact is limited. As coaches, our oxygen involves not only the physical elements, but also gratitude, self-compassion, and joy along the way. ‘Caring for the caregiver’ is how we do so, as we maintain balance and grounding, allowing us to serve our clients more fully. Cultivating passions, maintaining a beginner’s mind and integrating lifelong learning sets the stage for thriving and embracing life as a coach, expanding our opportunity to help make this world a better place. This one’s for you – and Donna will lead us through a session of holistic healing and revitalization so that we may all leave refreshed, recharged, and with a greater sense of clarity as we move into our beautiful future.

Donna has successfully combined a 40-year nursing career with a wide range of integrative health & medicine credentials. She holds a Masters in Holistic Health Studies from Georgian Court University and a 2nd Masters in Psychological Counseling from Monmouth University. Additionally, she’s certified as an Advanced Holistic Nurse and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Catalyst Coaching Institute and Board Certified as a Health & Wellness Coach. She serves as adjunct faculty at Georgian Court University and is founder (2004) of The Healing Way, an integrative health & wellness practice. Her passion focuses on empowering people to live a life overflowing with self-worth, purpose, health & joy.

Robin Otterstetter, CCI

Saturday Morning Yoga Class (optional)

Robin Otterstetter, NBC-HWC

The class will be comprised of traditional yoga postures mixed with basic to moderate upper body, lower body, and core building exercises.  We will also mix in some balance poses and spine strengthening poses along with warm up and cool down stretches. Class will finish with a relaxing savasana pose. All levels are welcome with modifications offered!

Robin is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and has been coaching with Catalyst Coaching 360 since 2007. She serves as a faculty member and mentor coach with Catalyst Coaching Institute in training future health and wellness coaches. Robin is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor who has taught privately for over 4 years.

As a personal note, Robin consistently puts the F4 (faith, family, friends, and fitness) at the top of her priorities. ​Since graduating from Texas Tech University, Colorado has been her home with her husband of 35 years and 2 young adult children. ​You will find Robin enjoying outdoor activities, exercising, volunteering, making healthy new recipes, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. 

Karen Olsen, CCI

Sunday Morning Nia Dance Fitness Class (optional)

Karen Olsen (K.O.) NBC-HWC

Nia is a powerful mind-body, low-impact, fusion class combining dance movements, martial arts, yoga, and healing arts. Nia invites you to move in your body’s own way, celebrating your uniqueness while moving within community.
No prior experience necessary, all fitness levels and experience welcome!

Karen Olsen (K.O.) has been a certified NBC-HWC coach since 2017. She has been teaching Nia classes in the Boulder Colorado area since 2001 and earned her First-Degree Black Belt Nia instructor certification. K.O. is solo admin. for a busy, established Functional Medicine office in Boulder and a Certified Massage Therapist in private practice. She enjoys hiking with her grown daughters and dog Rosie, gardening, jogging, traveling, and daily sunset walks.


As a health and wellness coach, you are constantly giving of yourself to help your clients improve their lives. While this is an incredible opportunity and an amazing way to invest our lives, we also need to take time in our own lives to get refreshed and refocused. This retreat was designed to do exactly that. In addition, we found personally that our most valuable weekend of the entire year in terms of our own business is our retreat. So we decided to bring that experience to others in a way that would make a positive difference in the world.

Estes Park is approximately 1.5 hours from Denver. If flying, please book your flight into Denver International Airport (DIA). The YMCA of the Rockies is approximately 2 hours from DIA if you choose to rent a car and drive to the YMCA. The canyon is a beautiful drive!

YMCA Address: 2515 Tunnel Road. Estes Park, CO 80511. Check in at the administration building (by the flag pole).

Retreat location: Longs Peak Building (Combo East & West Room)

Shuttle service: You can arrange shuttle service from Denver International Airport through either Estes Park Shuttle. Book online or via phone at 970-586-5151.  Or through Colorado Shuttle Service at  Please note that you must make a reservation for the shuttle in advance. Shuttle times are set by the company.

This retreat is specific to health and wellness coaches or individuals training to be a coach.

Conferences can be outstanding events and well worth the time, energy and money to attend as they provide a great opportunity to learn from a wide range of presenters and earn some continuing education credits within a few days. We’re big fans of (and actually speak regularly at) several of them. This retreat will also provide the opportunity for continuing education, but will do so in a setting that will allow time (and an incredible setting) to relax and rejuvenate while also (if desired) providing time to meet with peers and learn from others beyond the actual coursework. You’ll return home with a new skip in your step to accompany the new knowledge in your head!

Weather in Colorado can change quickly. September is historically the most beautiful month of the year. The evenings are cool and the days (typically) filled with sunshine. Pack in layers (ie, t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, jeans) so you can adjust with the day. Bring comfortable shoes, sunglasses or a hat if you plan to do some hiking. Of course, it never hurts to check the weather before you head out! 

We will be offering a Yoga Flow class so you might want to pack workout clothes. (Yoga mat will be provided). There is also a pool on-site if you would like to swim during our break time.

You might want to bring a light backpack in case you go wandering around the YMCA and some pens for taking notes or journaling.

If you are staying in the lodge, all of your meals are provided, but you might also want to pack some snacks. Bedding, towels and hair dryer are provided in the lodge rooms. Shampoo and Conditioner are NOT provided. If you are staying in a cabin, you will have the opportunity to cook your own meals and will want to plan accordingly!

Most definitely. You’ll be surrounded by experienced health & wellness coaches from a variety of settings, and will actually have the time (if desired) to share notes and ideas between you. Perhaps best of all, you’re likely to recapture that energy that lead you into the wonderful profession of health & wellness coaching years (or decades) ago!

This retreat will be perfect for you! In addition to a tremendous lineup of speakers and training programs, you’ll have the chance to meet coaches from across the globe who are always interested in sharing their experiences. From enhancing your skills as a coach to building  your own practice to heading up your organization’s wellness program, this retreat will provide you the tools and resources you need to move forward—successfully.

We understand life gets in the way of even the best of plans – and sometimes it happens at the worst possible time – like when we were planning to attend an incredible event like the Rocky Mountain Health and Wellness Coaching Retreat and there is no other option but to have to cancel those plans. On the organizational side of the event, there is an immense amount of planning that goes into all of the details, and much of that is based on the specific attendees, their choice of training sessions, etc. Since the Retreat is designed to serve the needs of health and wellness coaches in a smaller, more personalized format than a traditional large conference setting, changes in attendee plans can have a more negative effect than normal. With those two in mind, we have put the following cancellation policy in place in the event that cancellation becomes necessary.

  • With a 45-day notice, the fee is refundable minus a $150 administrative/processing fee. 
  • If less than 44 days’ notice, registrant has the option of rolling registration into the following year’s Retreat or may instead request access to 6.0 credits of online courses within the Catalyst Coaching Institute’s NBHWC approved courses.

We look forward to having you join us – please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the above.  Please note, housing cancellation is specific to the YMCA and not connected to Catalyst – please see those details related to cancellation on their website.

We are pleased to have individuals from a wide variety of different wellness coach certification programs joining us at the retreat. Those who have earned the esteemed NBC-HWC designation will add to your coaching toolbox, new friends to your network, and a new skip in your step as you return back home to continue changing the world for the better – one client at a time! The event is also approved for 14 Continuing Education credits through the NBHWC! For those earning CE’s, we will have an attendance sheet. If you miss portions of the Retreat content, we will simply deduct that time from your CE certificate.

HOWEVER, if you are not currently Nationally Board Certified (whether you’re on a path toward doing so or not), you’ll absolutely find the Retreat to be a great spot to enhance your skills and re-energize your life and career.

While we’re excited to be able to keep the total cost of the retreat quite low compared to the cost of registration, room and board at a more traditional conference, we also fully understand that it can be helpful to the budget to spread out payments. The YMCA has a separate process for the cost of rooms and meals that involves only a partial down payment. For the retreat registration fee, if you would like to spread out your investment, it is available!

You’ll see an option for “PayPal Credit” when you get to the check-out spot in the registration. This is coordinated completely through PayPal (we won’t even know you selected this option), but we’ve found it can be a helpful alternative for many of our attendees.

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Registration Information

  • Cost
    • Super Early Bird Registration- $395 (1st 25 registrants) SOLD OUT
    • Extra Early Bird Registration – $495 (next 30 registrants, including groups)
    • Early Bird Registration – $535 (through 8/15/24)
    • Standard Registration Rate – $595
  • Group registration: Groups of 3 or more save an additional 10% (except with Super Early Registration Rate due to extreme discount)
  • Total costs: Registration, room, and board for the Rocky Mountain Retreat and Symposium is 30 – 50% less than comparable wellness conferences due to our setting at one of the most beautiful retreat centers in Colorado, the YMCA of the Rockies. The partnership with the YMCA also allows us to arrange room/board costs that are a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional conference. You won’t find a better deal for this level of education with this type of immersive experience anywhere!
  • Financing: “6 Months – No Interest” option through PayPal at checkout for those who would like to spread out the payment process.
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