Integrating Wellness into Physical Therapy

https://youtu.be/kbRzXkXgn3Q Are you a physical therapist or PT assistant who’s curious about integrating health & wellness coaching into your practice or perhaps starting a side business? With the recent articles about wellness that ran in our national PT in Motion magazine, we’re receiving a lot of questions. We’re always happy to connect with you individually, …

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Remote Athlete Optimization Resources

In the midst of Covid-19 induced social distancing and facility closures, traditional training strategies have been negatively impacted. Many athletes and coaches are utilizing this time to integrate complementary performance enhancement into the resultant training regimes. To support these efforts, we’ve pulled together a select list of freely available podcast episodes that can support efforts …

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Work from home

Working from Home

10 (+1) Practical – and Critical – Strategies to Stay Productive In 2007, after 20 years of working as a physical therapist and then Fortune 500 executive, I was laid off along with 27 other VPs. Our organization’s division had been sold by our parent company, creating an overlap of executives within the new structure. …

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Wellness in the Classroom: Teachers as Certified Wellness Coaches

  Teachers are key players in laying a foundation of health and wellness for the students they interact with every day. There’s been a buzz about health and wellness coaching for a while now, whether in regards to individual coaching practices, physical therapists or corporate wellness coaching. But what about wellness coaching for kids? When …

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BCSE Syndrome?

Do you suffer from BCSE Syndrome?  It’s common (one of my biggest personal struggles), and one that is certainly not easy to resolve. However, similar to other dysfunctions, often the first step in the right direction is the diagnosis or admission of its presence and understanding the alternatives. BCSE Syndrome stands for “Best Case Scenario …

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Daily Habits – Simplified Outcomes

It’s very likely that many of your wellness coaching clients have weight management on their radar screen. It’s also very likely that while they’ll mentally put the blame for the excess empty calories on their dinner and desserts, the reality is often a very different story. Yes, of course our choice of dinner and dessert …

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