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Your 2020 Vision: Revision or Creation? (Coaches and High Performers) If ever there was a year to identify a personal vision – 2020 was it. 2020 vision – Perfect! Then something happened about 60 days into the year and boom – every aspect of life was turned upside-down. For many, this seemed to result in any vision identified for the year being thrown out …

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Remote Athlete Optimization Resources

In the midst of Covid-19 induced social distancing and facility closures, traditional training strategies have been negatively impacted. Many athletes and coaches are utilizing this time to integrate complementary performance enhancement into the resultant training regimes. To support these efforts, we’ve pulled together a select list of freely available podcast episodes that can support efforts …

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Vision 2020

Wellness Coaching Vision 2020

Goal-setting 2020: Tips for a fresh start in the new year You’ve read the articles, watched the videos, heard the speakers. The key to moving the dial in a positive direction in our lives is setting goals, right? For the experienced goal-setter, the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goal approach has likely added …

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Did We Forget About Well-doing?

The term “well-being” has garnered a great deal of interest in the world of wellness in recent years. That attention is deserved, as it refers to the broader sense of being happy and healthy. It’s a very positive reminder that real wellness goes beyond “food & fitness” to include everything from stress management to financial …

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Daily Habits – Simplified Outcomes

It’s very likely that many of your wellness coaching clients have weight management on their radar screen. It’s also very likely that while they’ll mentally put the blame for the excess empty calories on their dinner and desserts, the reality is often a very different story. Yes, of course our choice of dinner and dessert …

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