David DiPaola

Recently I completed my Certified Wellness Coach certification from Catalyst Coaching Institute (CCI). I found CCI as an approved vendor on the Nation Board for Health and Wellness Coaching website (NBHWC). There were several reasons I selected CCI, 1) their program was approved for national board certification from NBHWC, 2) the schedule of their program was a reason time commitment and faster than most, 3) I could complete the certification completely from my home, 4) about half the program was self-paced, 5) cost was reasonable, 6) there was no sales pitch or pressure to buy and 7) CCI had the #1 Health and Wellness podcast with amazing guests so they must be doing something right.

From my initial conversation with Suzanna, I knew this was the program for me. When I inquired about program details, there was no sales pressure, just relevant information with a friendly approach.

I am very glad I choose CCI. I did tremendous research on coaching strategy and wellness before starting CCI program. I initially thought it would be mostly review for board certification. To my surprise, I learned so much. The prerecorded webinars and the two day session were excellent!  I also learned a tremendous amount from the practice coaching sessions. My coaching skills are so much stronger now that I have completed CWC. I am continuing with MCWC and then with National Board Certification.

I want to be clear, Brad and Suzanna did not solicit this review. I asked if I could write it. Their program was such high quality, I didn’t want to stay silent.  Both are fantastic people.

-David DiPaola


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