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Mental Toughness in Coaching

Mental Toughness in Coaching

Mental toughness is generally viewed through the “toughness” lens, leaving the cognitive strategies involved out of the equation. As a result, many (if not most) individuals discount the influence of this valuable resource in their own lives, thinking the concept applies to others (professional athletes, Navy Seals, etc). This webinar turns the table on that traditional assumption, introducing what recent research demonstrates about the ability every one of us – and our clients – have to improve our own “functional mental toughness” through the integration of specific cognitive strategies and thus improve our outcomes. While obviously applicable to athletes, the strategies provided can be applied to any pursuit, from weight management to tough relationships, financial disciplines to enhanced work performance. If you’re looking for a coaching tool that will allow you to provide your clients with an extra boost in performance across a range of pursuits, this program will provide a solid start.

Dr. Cooper ( is a human performance junkie, seeking out insights to optimize reality for individuals, teams and organizations for 35+ years. Highlights of his career can be summarized into 3 words: Mind… Body… Business:

  • Mind: He holds a PhD in Performance Psychology, has been a national columnist for 20+ years, had his research published in peer reviewed journals internationally, written 5 books, and spoken professionally in all 50 states plus multiple times across Europe.
  • Body: He earned a Masters degree from the nation’s top physical therapy school as well as being a certified athletic trainer, has completed 11 Ironmans (including 4 times at the World Championship in Hawaii) won the Race Across America, and was recognized by multiple publications as “The World’s Fittest CEO” in 2016.
  • Business: He is the CEO of US Corporate Wellness, co-founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute, holds 2 US Patents, an MBA, and hosts a popular international health & wellness podcast.