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Life Balance and Coaching I: Design Your Best Life

Life Balance and Coaching I: Design Your Best Life

The original Life Balance course that focused on how to create a meaningful life has now been expanded into two courses because of the depth and breadth of the information provided to coaches to help support their clients to go from Vision to Reality.  Design Your Best Life emphasizes how to live with intention by clarifying personal values and life priorities. This is followed up by detailed explanations on how to create vision and a personal mission statement. The course ends with specific tips on how to establish goals to support the vision and mission, so that a client’s daily choices represents living a life according to his or her core values. Life Balance II then focuses on activation and execution of this plan by offering a wide variety of time and energy management strategies, as well as ideas on how to help clients set better boundaries. Throughout the Life Balance series, many client scenarios are described so coaches can understand direct application of the concepts.

The instructor Sabryna Liddle is passionate about helping clients, family members, friends, and students find ways to create their best lives.  As a nationally board certified health and wellness coach, she is grateful that on a daily basis she gets to coach, teach, and inspire individuals to generate positive change in themselves and the world around them.