Business of Wellness Coaching


As a certified wellness coach, it’s critical to both your short and long term success to continually be moving forward.  But what, exactly, is forward?  It’s not movement for movement’s sake.  It’s not doing what you did “before” (even if it was successful last time). Business – and wellness coaching must be treated as a …

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The #1 Secret to a Successful Wellness Coaching Business

If you own or manage a business that involves wellness coaching, you know very well there are many necessary elements required to be successful. A clear vision, strong work ethic, creativity, a willingness to listen and learn and a well-thought-out plan are just the beginning. However, there is one step you can begin taking today …

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The Wellness Coach Research Lab

Certified wellness coaches typically have a great deal of knowledge at their fingertips about optimal performance and helping bring out the best in both themselves and their clients.  However, sometimes the best thing a wellness coach can do to bring the greatest benefit to all involved is to get into the research lab and do …

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