Building Your Wellness Coaching Business

If you build it, they may not come…

The 1989 film The Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner created one of the greatest misnomers in all of business (not just wellness coaches, but it certainly applies!) – small and large: “If you build it… they will come.” The voice in the film was referencing the building of a baseball field in the middle of an Iowa cornfield in the middle of nowhere. Of course, thanks to the Hollywood slant, they DID come – in droves.  There’s a classic line in the film when Costner’s character meets the younger version of his Dad and is asked “Is this heaven?” His response: “It’s Iowa.”

As a certified wellness coach, you would be wise to remember this comment.  In the early stages of building your business, it’s easy to assume that if you do build it, clients will come find you.  Unfortunately, this isn’t heaven, nor is it Hollywood’s auto-play happy ending.  When it comes to your wellness coaching business (or the program via the organization for whom you work), if you build it, they may not come!  In fact, they’re very unlikely to come unless you take specific steps to bring them to your “field.”  Here are a few ideas to get you started toward expanding your client base:

  • Speak… From conferences and colleges to morning breakfast meetings for sales people, there is a big need for speakers.  As a wellness coach, you’re perfect for an immense range of settings as you can speak on anything from stress management to life balance to exercise, nutrition and more. You don’t have to “sell.” Rather, simply leave behind your card and mention that anyone who contacts you from this group in the next week will receive a complimentary coaching session (or however you choose to gently promote what you do).
  • Partner… Wellness coaching is needed in so many different settings.  While the number of qualified coaches is growing, there aren’t enough to meet the needs out there in the marketplace.  One opportunity that is waiting is to partner with established organizations in related areas.  Examples might include Physician Offices, Health Clubs, Massage Clinics, and Physical Therapy Practices, just to name a few. As a Certified Wellness Coach, you can bring a great deal of value to their setting.  The key is to demonstrate how you will do so in a way that is meaningful (and affordable) to all involved (without giving away your time).
  • Write… Similar to the suggestions around speaking, writing can play a similar role.  The greater your credibility (see details on credibility below), the more opportunities you will have to garner a larger audience.  In the meantime, start a blog.  Even if nobody ever reads it outside of your own clients, you’ll have your own library of topics and ideas stored up for future use.
  • Offer… Dollars (and sense) will be addressed later in this document, but as you develop your business, keep in mind that most people have little to no idea what a wellness coach does. The single best way to educate someone in regards to your value is to give them an opportunity – or better yet a reason – to find out.  Offer the opportunity for others to discover you!  More often than not, they’ll be back for more if you provide true value with your service.

For all of our certified wellness coach friends out there, please don’t get discouraged if you build your business only to find your client base is light.  Instead, take consistent steps to market your wellness coach business and over time, you’re likely to fill all the seats in your stadium!

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