The #1 Secret to a Successful Wellness Coaching Business

If you own or manage a business that involves wellness coaching, you know very well there are many necessary elements required to be successful. A clear vision, strong work ethic, creativity, a willingness to listen and learn and a well-thought-out plan are just the beginning.

However, there is one step you can begin taking today that will pay immense dividends over time. It’s a (relatively) simple step to implement, but is often neglected by even those with strong business backgrounds. It can be applied successfully to any business, but is especially valuable in the context of a wellness coaching business.

What is this critical key to success? It’s the “Monday Morning Huddle.”

That’s right. A huddle. Grab your key people, your calendars and each person briefly (30 minutes total should be more than enough time in almost all situations) covers the following:
*Personal priorities and focus areas for the week
*Key meetings
*Where help is needed from one another

Simple format – impactful results – IF everyone comes prepared. “Prepared” doesn’t mean simply making it to the huddle on time with a calendar. It means everyone has invested time to think through each of these items, reviewing the annual/quarterly/monthly plan, identifying priorities, and specifying when and where these will take place in the week. Doing so will create a laser focus of time, energy and accountability, as well as feedback as you launch your week.

In studying many of the top business books, earning an MBA, managing hundreds of employees and building several businesses from the ground up, the number one tool to achieving a successful week (and thus month, quarter, year and career) I’ve ever found is the “Monday Morning Huddle.”

However, what if you run your own business and don’t have a “team” for your huddle? Simple – create your own. Contact another wellness coach or another small business owner. While sitting down face to face is helpful, a phone call can also provide a solution if both parties are committed to consistency and accountability to jump on the line prepared. However, be very, very clear with the individual selected. The purpose is not to “chat” or “catch up” from the weekend. The goal is clarity and accountability, and if both individuals are not committed to this pursuit, it will fall flat.

More to come. For now, make plans to pull together your team (or another accountable, driven individual) and get the huddle on the calendar. There’s no better time to start than right now.

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