As a certified wellness coach, it’s critical to both your short and long term success to continually be moving forward.  But what, exactly, is forward?  It’s not movement for movement’s sake.  It’s not doing what you did “before” (even if it was successful last time). Business – and wellness coaching must be treated as a business if you plan to pay your bills and have a long term impact – requires analysis and an ongoing strategic plan.

However, on the other hand, far too many people get stuck in the infamous “analysis paralysis” where they are so busy analyzing the perfect approach that they never actually create positive movement forward.  If you’re a wellness coach who is looking for a very simple, yet effective strategy to bridge these too, consider Stop…Start…Continue.

We generally recommend doing this on a monthly basis to avoid constant churning.  It will likely take 15-30 minutes and will provide a guide around which to build your Weekly Huddle (last week’s post).  Here’s how it works…

  1. Grab a piece of paper
  2. Divide into three sections and write “Stop” “Start” and “Continue” in each (generally equal) section of the page
  3. Then, ponder and jot down notes in each section as follows

STOPWhat have I been doing/spending my time on that is not producing results and needs to stop? Where have I been investing money on my business that is not providing a return? Basically – “what’s not working that I need to STOP doing?”  One caution here – just as in our personal wellness pursuits, results to positive actions do not always (usually?) show up immediately.  So be careful not to simply jump from pursuit to pursuit.  Give it time.  However, once you’ve given something a reasonable chance to be successful, it’s time to move on and stop spinning your wheels.

START – What do I need to start doing that I haven’t been doing?  New ideas, new pursuits, new events, new approaches.  What has been on your “possibilities” list you sense would benefit you going forward?  As noted above, don’t get in the habit of “churning” your activities constantly, as this never gives them the opportunity to come to fruition.  However, if done on a monthly basis, you’ll have a sense of when it’s time to make an addition.

CONTINUE – What is working that I plan to continue?   This is where you note those things that have been successful and need to be continued (or expanded).

One other tip.  If you will involve at least one other person in the review of your outcome, you are likely to glean far more benefit than if completed in a vacuum.  So the next question is clear – when would be the best time for you to Stop-Start-Continue?


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