Aligning Client Goals as a Wellness Coach

Important question to ask ourselves:  Am I aligning client goals as a Wellness Coach?

It’s seems straight-forward.  Of course we’re aligning goals.  That’s what we do.  They want to lose weight? We help them set up a goal around that.  They want to reduce stress? Goal on the way!  Have a race or event down the road?  We’re ready with a goal for that too.

But hold on.  By “alignment,” I’m not referencing whether the goal fits the stated issue.  Rather, I’m talking about whether the goal fits the individual.  Doing this requires a greater depth of discussion.  Are you aware of the values the individual holds?  Can you put your finger (can THEY put their finger) on their top 4-5 values in their life?  Do they value achievement first? Efficiency? Family? Calm? Money? There is a list of well over 50 values we discuss during the certification training. But even without this list, by taking some time to work with your client to identify what comes to his or her mind will put (both of) you well ahead in the alignment process.

Once you have clarity around values, then goal setting takes on a new path.  Rather than simply making the goals “measurable” or “objective” (you know the standard list), you can now make them customized, taking into account the most important aspect of all – “WHO” is pursuing this goal?


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