98.8% of Population Need Wellness Coaching?

A 2012 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association didn’t specifically reference the importance of wellness coaching, but the idea was certainly implied.  The study noted that only 1.2% of the US population meet the very basic 7 primary guidelines for healthy living.  These 7 areas include healthy weight, eating nutritious food, not smoking, and healthy weight, blood pressure, glucose and total cholesterol.

1.2%?  That means that 98.8% of the population is in immediate need of effective wellness coaching.  And since a well-trained wellness coach goes far beyond these 7 basic areas (ie, including areas such as stress management and life balance, for example), it’s easy to see that every one of us can benefit from wellness coaching.

As you continue to develop the business plan for your wellness coaching practice, keep this study in mind. It opens up ideas around a wide range of opportunities for growing your practice.

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