10 Ways for Wellness Coaches to Advance Their Career

10 way advance career

Simple steps to further your expertise as a wellness coach

Like many in the health and wellness industry, you may always be looking for ways to improve your skills and to gain new knowledge that will help you advance your wellness coaching career. If you’re aiming to enhance your coaching practice this year but aren’t sure where to start, consider some of these tools, resources, and best practices:

  1. Listen to wellness coaching podcasts. This is an easy and free way to gain new perspectives and hear insightful information around health and wellness. Catalyst provides a podcast series specific to health and wellness coaching, including interviews with experts from a wide range of professional backgrounds.
  2. Seek business training. Catalyst offers the nation’s first business training specifically designed for those completing a wellness coach certification. Our Wellness Coaching MBA provides the practical tools, skills and resources to successfully launch and grow a business. Additionally, we designed the program to cater to both business rookies and experienced professionals, so anyone can benefit from this well-rounded training.
  3. Attend a retreat. Sometimes the best forms of professional learning happens in a cohort of like-minded individuals. The Rocky Mountain Retreat and Symposium offers health and wellness coaches an unparalleled opportunity for professional advancement and personal growth in an inspiring setting. This conference will improve your wellness coaching skills and earn you NBHWC-approved credits at the same time.
  4. Access business management tools. It takes the successful execution of many moving parts to run a wellness coaching business. You’ll find an arsenal of business management tools in Catalyst Coaching Institute’s web portal that will help you with everything from client tracking to utilizing a high-end health risk assessment system.
  5. Pursue continuing education credits. Take a deeper dive into specific topics that will grow your knowledge base and also earn you NBHWC-approved continuing education credits. Catalyst Coaching Institute offers a variety of webinars in topics such as mindfulness, positive psychology, sleep matters, and many more.
  6. Study sessions. If you’re planning on becoming certified, Catalyst Coaching Institute offers complimentary study sessions for the national wellness certification exam – a $399 value.
  7. Find a sounding board partner. Another no-cost best practice is to find someone who understands you and your business, and speak with him or her regularly. A sounding board or accountability partner can help you stay on track with your goals and to talk through challenges you may be facing.
  8. Become certified. You may already have a successful wellness coaching business, but have you boosted your resume and your credibility by actually getting a wellness coaching certification?  There are several pathways to do so that fit into your busy life.
  9. Establish a personal management system. What helps keep you on task? Maybe it’s a simple checklist, an electronic calendar, or an office whiteboard. Find an effective method for ensuring that you’re making daily progress towards your goal of becoming the best coach you can be.
  10. Become a Master Certified Wellness Coach. If you already have a wellness coaching certification, consider taking things to the next level by becoming a Master Certified Wellness Coach, leading to the NBC-HWC Board Certification. Completion of the Catalyst MCWC program will also qualify you to take the National Certification Examination, sponsored by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

Whether you take one action or several, it’s easy to find something that will help you to advance your health and wellness career. If you’re not sure to start, contact Catalyst Coaching Institute and let us help guide you through your next steps in enhancing your profession.

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