Coaching C-MBA Program

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In the meantime, we’ve created a playlist of short videos on the ‘Business of Coaching’ we created for our Catalyst Community that may be beneficial. You can access them here:

The Nation’s First Business Training Program for Wellness Coaches

The Catalyst Coaching Institute offers the nation’s first business training specifically designed for those completing a wellness coach certification. Our Wellness Coaching MBA (C-MBA) provides the practical tools, skills and resources to successfully launch and grow a business. Additionally, we designed the program to cater to both business rookies and experienced professionals, so anyone can benefit from this well-rounded training. Available on demand, on your schedule with individual coaching sessions and peer collaboration.

C-MBA Program Overview

Sales and Marketing

  • Discover how sales and marketing can easily be implemented to expand your client base
  • Learn how to market your wellness coaching business – and yourself
  • Learn how to source new leads
  • Gain the sales skills needed to convert leads to clients

Business-Building Strategy

  • Learn how to turn your business into a respected and profitable organization
  • Bring your vision to life
  • Clarify your competitive advantage
  • Learn how to track key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Create a clear and concise business plan that will drive your business forward

Systems and Resources

  • Discover resources that will provide the biggest benefits at the lowest cost
  • Learn how to make the most of your time, despite a busy schedule
  • Build accountability
  • Learn to address issues around HIPAA compliance and other critical topics
  • Receive the C-MBA toolbox, complete with additional tools and resources


  • Understand the numbers key to your business success
  • Learn how to build and utilize a practical budget
  • Identify how much you should charge your clients (and how to bill clients)
  • Design value-added, appealing service packages
  • Learn how to earn more and keep more of what you earn