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Midlife Transitions

Midlife Transitions

The course helps to unravel the mysteries around the dreaded “midlife crises” by providing information that coaches can use to help clients understand that going through midlife transitions is a normal process. This will include discussion on menopause, andropause, the transitions of this time of life, the sandwich generation, and aging with grace.   The instructor explains the physiological and psychological effects that can happen during this time period of our lives, and having this information can help individuals understand how to better maneuver this time of life.

This course is taught by Mary Walinchus, who decided to create this course because she herself is living through these stages and wanted to support others going through this natural time in life.  Mary is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and also a mentor coach for Catalyst Coaching Institute. Jamie Cook, a registered nurse (RN) and NBC-HWC, had a consulting role in the development of this course.