Wellness Coach Certification: Next Steps in Your Physical Therapy Career


Advance Your Physical Therapy Career – Wellness Coach Certification for Physical Therapists

Are you a physical therapist looking to build on your current clinical skills and integrate wellness coaching into your practice? Becoming a Certified Wellness Coach (CWC) allows you to do just that. The integration of wellness coaching has become one of the most common ways that physical therapists are choosing to enhance their careers, as this added skillset helps to address the big picture when it comes to helping clients live a healthier lifestyle.  

Obtaining a wellness coach certification is a natural next step for physical therapists and other healthcare professionals. Consider the following:

  • You can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for physical therapy by becoming a Certified Wellness Coach. Our CWC certification programs are currently accredited for 27-30 contact hours. The CWC certification is the only wellness coach certification approved by the Federation of State Boards of physical therapists (FSBPT) on a national level, which currently covers 29 states.
  • With a PT license and an inherent belief in helping people improve overall health, you are already poised to be a credible coach for your patients. Additionally, you will stand out to new potential clients who are seeking wellness coaching services because of your background and expertise as a physical therapist.
  • You have an established relationship with your physical therapy patients, and they’re more likely to choose you as a wellness coach because of your rapport and because of your unique understand of their physical history. If you’re equipped to advise your patients in a multitude of areas, it can be a seamless transition between physical therapy and wellness coaching.
  • Being a Certified Wellness Coach allows you to empower your clients and help them take their health to the next level. Rather than being confined to the role of fixing a physical problem for a patient, your sessions can extend into topics like goal-setting, accountability, and helping your clients decide what changes to make at home. A wellness coach certification will also give you the communication skills you need to effectively coach your clients in these areas, which often require a certain level of compassion and empathy.
  • Patients typically come to you as a physical therapist for a specific problem. However, those problems can be linked to lifestyle choices around nutrition, exercise, weight management, stress management, and other factors. If you have all the best tools as a Certified Wellness Coach to advise your patients in multiple areas, they’re more likely to achieve a better level of health over time.

As a physical therapist, you may be poised to take the next step in strengthening your proficiency with clients and enhancing your career. Learn more about Catalyst Coaching Institute’s wellness coach certification and how the certification process can both help your current career as a physical therapist and provide the foundation for a new direction in health and wellness coaching.

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