Fast Track Coach Certification

Fast Track Wellness Coach Certification

The Fast Track CWC coaching certification option provides the training to develop and enhance your skills as a wellness coach through a combination of face-to-face training, practice and group interaction during our concentrated two-day on-site training in Colorado.  These two concentrated days of training are then supplemented by a handful of virtual courses, additional practice sessions with a Mentor Coach and more, which you can complete on your own schedule from your home or office.

This option generally appeals more to the individual who values interacting and developing relationships with other coaches and instructors face-to-face.  It also generally allows the individual to move through the full certification process more quickly. It’s also a great excuse to visit beautiful Colorado and get to know our team in person.

Our mission is to guide and support wellness coaches who are fully committed to maximizing their skills and outcomes as a professional. Our CWC certification is the ONLY coaching certification approved by three of the most notable review boards in the country: The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, the National Athletic Trainer’s Association’s Board of Certification and the American College of Sports Medicine. In developing the program, we’ve purposefully chosen not to place “ease” over “effectiveness” in the wellness coach certification process. As you review various coach certification alternatives, you’ll note that the majority are available only as an on-line.  As much as we understand the importance of convenience (which is why we also offer a distance learning alternative),  we believe wellness coach training is maximized through at least some face to face time. With that said, we still provide approximately 50% of the Fast Track Wellness Training available on-line for your convenience and also offer the “Distance Learning” alternative (see below) for those who prefer that route.

The total contact hours to earn your CWC Certification through the Fast Track involves 15 hours of live training and then an additional 16 – 18 hours provided remotely through live webinars, mentor coach interactions, as well as the oral and written exam that finalizes your CWC certification. We’re not looking for “everyone” to pursue their Wellness Certification and Training through the Catalyst Coaching Institute – only those who are fully committed to excellence as a wellness coach. If this describes you, we’d be pleased to have you join us.

  • 2 Day live training event in Littleton Colorado (15 contact hours)
    • Motivational Interviewing Skills and Practice
    • Behavioral Change Models
    • Goal Setting
    • Temperament Training
    • Practice Coaching Sessions in pairs and with mentor coaches from the community
    • We conduct the live trainings events every few months.
  • 10 Wellness Webinars focusing on coaching clients on various aspects of health and wellness
    • Topics such as: Healthy Eating, Weight Management, Stress Management, Emotional Eating, Life Balance, Know Your Numbers, etc.
    • See Course Descriptions for the topics being offered. You may choose the 10 topics of interest to you.
    • You will have access to a handout for each topic
    • A 10 question quiz will follow each webinar
    • The webinars are recorded so that you may watch them at your convenience and are approximately 1.5 hours in length
  • 2 telephonic coaching practice sessions
  • On-line comprehensive final exam
  • Telephonic Practical Skills Assessment (PSA) with a mentor coach for feedback

How long does all of this take? That’s really up to you!

The webinars are recorded and available in our library of webinars at your convenience.

The live training events are held every few months; however, as soon as you register for the certification, you may begin taking the Wellness Webinars.

The interactive discussion forums (Distance Learning program) and the telephonic coaching sessions are live. Once you are registered for the program, you will have access to our calendar of events to schedule your sessions. We offer both daytime and evening sessions to accommodate your various schedules.

What is the cost?

The cost is $1992 for either track. This amount covers all of the training and may be paid in one transaction or in a 6 month no interest payment option.

You will have access to material to download at your convenience. Please be aware of any long distance fees for the live interactive discussions and practice sessions.

What are the prerequisites for the certification?

After working in the wellness world for a number of years, we have found that there is not a degree, background or type of person which makes the “best coach”. Our hope is that we will complement your already existing skills with this wellness coach certification. Therefore, there are no specific prerequisites required. We do recommend some reading to supplement the program but it is optional.