What is included in the certification program?

At the Catalyst Coaching Institute, your certification program will include the following:

Two day live training program – 15 credit hours
You will enjoy being immersed in the world of coaching with other individuals from around the country. Together we will explore “big picture” wellness, current trends in the wellness field and share ideas from among your fellow participants. We will brainstorm possible areas of coaching such as the following: independent wellness coaching, corporate wellness coaching, coaching within a physical therapy clinic, doctor’s office, yoga studio, recreation center, integrative health practice, etc. We will focus on several theoretical approaches to wellness coaching including the Trans-theoretical model of change and Motivational Interviewing. In order to be an effective wellness coach, you need to practice coaching! Therefore, we will provide ample opportunities to practice your newfound knowledge in stages of change and motivational interviewing skills with real life client scenarios. In addition, we will talk about the role of temperament in setting goals that fit the specific client’s unique temperament and have fun learning about the influence our own temperament plays on our coaching style. Finally, you will have the opportunity to coach a client with a mentor coach listening in to provide specific feedback to you on what is working well with your coaching and what specific things you will want to continue to focus on in your training.

Seven interactive webinar courses (See below for details) – 14 credit hours
Each webinar is designed to cover relevant content in key areas of wellness which are geared specifically for you as a wellness coach. The webinars are interactive which allow you the opportunity to ask the instructor questions and to provide your own insight and comments on the material. We also cover specific client scenarios for each topic and address ways to provide coaching that is consistent with the guiding style of coaching learned during the live coach training event.

As part of the certification, you will complete 2 elective webinars and 5 core webinars. Included topics for the 5 core sessions are as follows: Healthy Eating and Coaching, Life Balance and Coaching, Weight Management and Coaching, Stress Management and Coaching and Exercise and Coaching. You will be provided with a handout for each course to you as reference material as well as a quiz to take following each webinar. Please refer to the specific webinar course schedule for a description of each course.

Two practice coaching sessions – 1 credit hour

Written practicum

Oral Telephonic coaching practicum

Total credit hours: 30