This course reviews the importance of adding more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains to a client’s diet while avoiding foods high in fat, salt and sugar content.

People lead busy lives, so they often don’t think about the food they put in their body. Such clients must realize that to adopt healthy eating habits, they must learn about food’s health benefits as well as about balance, variety and moderation. Healthy eating is something they need to consciously think about every day. As a Wellness Coach, helping clients understand healthy eating can be a challenge, but this course gives you a kick-start to directing clients toward a healthier lifestyle.

Course Instructors

Mary Walinchus, CWC

Mary is a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Fitness Instructor, as well as a triathlon and running coach for adults and kids.

Michelle Zellner

Michelle Zellner has her BA in Psychology and Nutrition and an MS in Kinesiology. She is an ACE Certified Health and Fitness Specialist and has taught over 200 wellness related seminars.

This class is included in the CWC certification program but is also available a la carte for $129.00.