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Partnering with Adolescent and Young Adult Clients

Partnering with Adolescent and Young Adult Clients

Young-adults and adolescents are not mini adults. Their bodies and brains continue to change and won’t reach full maturity until their mid to late 20s. Cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development greatly impacts the way an individual interprets the world around them and influences self-awareness and decision making. This course was designed to help coaches understand the unique characteristics and developmental processes occurring in adolescence and young adulthood to effectively support the health and wellbeing of younger clients as they move toward adulthood.


Yvette Morton (Ed.S, MA, NBC-HWC) is passionate about the value health and wellness coaching can provide to an individual, and she is especially excited to supporting her youngest clients during this exciting and sometimes challenging stage of life. Yvette spent 20 years as an educator and school psychologist prior to becoming a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and mentor coach for The Catalyst Coaching Institute.