Why should I pursue my CWC as a Certified Wellness Coach?

There are two primary reasons to pursue your accredited Certified Wellness Coach designation – Competence and Credibility. Regardless of your background, you will significantly enhance your competence as a wellness coach through the process of earning your CWC. We incorporate in a comprehensive approach to your training that not only includes traditional lecture, but also practical application and work with a mentor coach. In addition, your credibility will be greatly enhanced. You are not required to earn your certification in order to be a wellness coach, and there are a few individuals who are attempting to build their business without the certification. However, all other things being equal, your certification will provide you the additional credibility needed in order to effectively compete in the industry. It provides your clients and potential clients with an immediate indication that you know your stuff – and that an outside organization has confirmed that competency and provided you with the official designation.

What is the total cost of the CWC (Certified Wellness Coach) certification?

The cost of either the Fast Track or the Distance Learning program is $1992. In addition, there is an option to set up a “6 Months No Interest” option at registration that will spread this amount out on your end if that’s beneficial. This applies to both the FAST TRACK and the DISTANCE LEARNING options.

Is there an additional charge for the CCI certification testing at the end of all the training?

No. The CCI certification testing (both written and practical skills assessment) are included in the total investment for the CWC health and wellness coach certification. All you need to cover is your travel expenses. As a bonus, we currently provide lunch and snacks at the two day live event and are currently allowing the option for individuals to repeat both the webinars and the live training at no additional cost if you’d like a refresher at some point in the future.

What behavior change models are incorporated into the CWC certification training?

We incorporate an eclectic approach to insuring you have the skills you need to become an effective coach. The behavior change models include but are far from limited to Intrinsic Motivation, Temperament, Motivational Interviewing and Interaction Styles.

How does someone become a health coach (or wellness coach)?

There are many opportunities for individuals to pursue a career as a health coach (or wellness coach – the phrases are both utilized in various settings depending on the personal preferences of the individual). Health and wellness coaching jobs range from starting your own business to working for a national employee wellness provider such as US Corporate Wellness (USCorporateWellness.com if you’d like to see an example). Depending on the orientation of the company, some coaches actually have the opportunity to work from home while others will work in an office with other health and wellness coaches. Similar to many other jobs, the first step is to complete your education and training to provide you with the credibility to earn a job as a wellness coach. With the move toward a national health and wellness coach board exam, it’s critical to select a training that will provide you the opportunity to sit for this exam if that’s part of your future plans.

Can I earn my wellness coach certification online?

Yes. Catalyst does offer a Distance Learning option to earn your Wellness Coach Certification (synonymous with Health Coach Certification) 100% online. Contact us to discuss details or review the details here on the website.

What is the typical salary or income for a health and wellness coach?

This doesn’t have an easy answer, as the answer is dependent upon the setting in which you work and the other components you bring to the table in terms of experience and complimentary services. If you’re willing to put in the work to build your own business, you’re likely to earn more money, but with that comes a commitment to greater variability (ups and downs) in your earnings as well as a higher commitment that can’t be achieved on a traditional 8-5 schedule. However, if flexibility is important to you, a certified wellness coach (or health coach) can often create incredible flexibility into their work schedule, opening the doors for any number of complimentary pursuits.

What do I need to know about upcoming changes in the wellness industry in moving toward national credentialing and a national exam?

Great question. We are excited to offer our Master Certified Wellness Coach (MCWC) training as an approved transition program through the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching. Go to www.ichwc.org for details on becoming a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Through CCI, your pathway to qualify for the National Wellness Exam includes completion of the Fast Track CWC training and the MCWC training.

What is the best Health Coach Certification (or Wellness Coach Certification)?

Obviously, you’d expect us to say the Catalyst Coaching Institute is the best but that’s not necessarily true. The best health coach certification for you might be different than the best one for someone else. Consider your career vision, goals, time frames and other details that are specific to you. Then do your homework about the various options for a health and wellness coach certification to decide which one is best for you. If you’d like to talk through any of this personally, we’re happy to discuss at your convenience. Drop us a note to Results@CatalystCoachingInstitute.com to set up a time to connect.

What is an Accredited Wellness Coach Certification?

An accredited wellness coach certification (or health coach certification, as the terms are essentially synonymous) indicates the program has been reviewed by outside organizations to insure quality. For example, the Catalyst Coaching Institute’s program has been accredited or approved by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC), the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), the National Athletic Trainer’s Association Board of Certification (NATA-BOC) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). This means that each of these organizations, often in very different ways, have reviewed the details of the content of the Catalyst program and the way in which the program is provided to students.

Do I have to earn my health and wellness coach certification through the Catalyst in order to access your web portal coaching tools?

You do not. The Catalyst Coaching Institute and the Catalyst Coaching Services are separate. You are welcome to become one of our professional member coaches even if you have not completed your certification through us.

Isn’t the web portal you have available for our clients just like other sites that are already available?

Some of the tools available on our site will certainly overlap the various trackers available elsewhere.  And those might work just fine for you if your coaching is primarily a hobby.  However, this system allows you to make them YOUR tools, available as part of your wellness coaching services, bringing far more value under one roof (the roof of your wellness coaching business) than if you were to refer clients elsewhere.  Your clients can also be confident that the information they enter is confidential and tied only to what they’re doing with you as their coach.

More importantly, by utilizing the Catalyst services, there’s a natural link between you and your client. As their personal wellness coach, you’ll be the only person in the world who can view their journal, goals, progress, nutrition or fitness tracker information, etc.  But it gets even better!  You can actually tag specific resources (from our extensive wellness library of over 1,500 articles) for your clients directly.  Then, the next time they go into their wellness journal, those items will be highlighted for them as items you selected specifically for them.

The high end Health Risk Assessment is also an extremely valuable aspect to the site.  This tool will allow you and your client to create an initial snapshot of their overall health and wellness status.  It provides you with a great deal of credibility out of the gate with your client, and allows the two of you to design a roadmap going forward.  But rather than your client having to send you the results, you’re able to view the results (and ensuing updates as they make improvements) directly from your administrative portal.

Possibly the most important aspect to you as a coach is your ability to leverage your time, and thus grow your business more rapidly and more effectively.  If you build your business around the $$/hr model, you hit a ceiling very quickly.  However, if you’re offering a package of services to your clients that include tracking, goal tools, individual competitions, HRA, coaching, and anything else you’d like to include under your organizational umbrella, you’re able to provide an enhanced value to your clients and as a result, increase your overall revenues.

How much does this comprehensive service cost?

We’ve set up the Catalyst Web Portal Tools to provide you with the best chance to succeed as an independent wellness coach.

  • Registration and set-up fee = $99 (one-time)
  • Monthly professional membership = $49/month + $5/client

We’ve limited the startup cost to get you everything from your customized email, web portal URL and Health Risk Assessment linkage set up from the start. Then, we’ve almost eliminated your monthly membership overhead so you can access the tools and resources while you’re in the early stages of building your business. And finally, we’ve created a client access payment schedule that allows you to completely control your marginal expenses (paying only $5/month for each client with an ability to increase or decrease that number at anytime so you’re not paying for services that you’re not utilizing). This will allow you to demonstrate your tools and resources to clients and potential clients.

Do you help us grow our business?

Absolutely! We are pleased to announce the launch of the Coaching C-MBA for Wellness Coaches! We’ll take you step by step through the practical aspects of launching and building your business. Whether you’re a complete rookie in the business world or an experienced business veteran who is now trying to bring your knowledge into the wellness coaching arena, this program is for you.

For more detailed information, visit www.c-mba.com.

In addition, we have provided several resources in the Special Reports section of our website with information that will help you identify some of the critical elements that will allow you to build and grow your business the right way out of the gate, such as:

If the web portal tools don’t work for me, am I stuck with a long-term commitment? Absolutely not. You’ll pay a one-time start-up fee of just $99 plus the standard monthly charge. From then on, you can choose to pay month-to-month. That way, if you’re not sure you’ll receive value from the services, you can discontinue at any time.

How do I get started toward earning my wellness coach certification?

Register online here. Or if you have additional questions, click here to schedule a consultation with Suzanna Cooper, our Chief Learning Officer. You can also contact us via email at Results@CatalystCoachingInstitute.com.

Where is a good place to find health coach institute reviews?

Glad you asked! We have all sorts of testimonials, offering health coach institute reviews at http://www.catalystcoachinginstitute.com/testimonials/ if you’d like to take a look. You’ll find both written and brief video clips available from individual from every possible background, location and career pursuit.

What is the best way to pursue a job as a Health Coach (or Wellness Coach)?

We are often asked “How do I become a health and wellness coach?” As with any important decision in life, start with your vision rather than simply pursuing a “job” (wellness coach or otherwise). Where would you like to work? How would you like to schedule the hours you spend working? What types of clients would you like to be coaching? Once you’ve identified a clear vision of these components, then you can begin the process of pursuing a role with a company that allows you to fulfill that vision (or potentially start your own wellness coaching business). Obviously the first step is to learn what you need to learn to be an effective coach and earn the certification that will provide you with the credibility to get noticed. We’d be honored to be considered if that’s the route you decide to pursue.

Is the Catalyst wellness coach training ACSM certification approved?

The Catalyst wellness coach certification is approved by the ACSM for CEUs and related credentialing.

How does someone find a Wellness Coach (or Health Coach)?

Whenever we’re approached by individuals or small organizations looking for a wellness coach or health coach, we typically refer them to some of the individuals who impressed us during and following the Catalyst training. If you’re looking for a wellness coach to work with you or your company, drop us a note to Results@CatalystCoachingInstitute.com and we’re happy to make the connection.

What is a Health Coach (also addressing “What is a Wellness Coach?”)

A Health Coach (synonymous for Wellness Coach) is an individual who utilizes knowledge and skills including but not limited to Intrinsic Motivation, Temperament, Motivational Interviewing an more to help individuals improve their lives. A health and wellness coach does not simply focus on fitness and nutrition (although these are obviously very important components). Rather, they take a holistic approach that may include sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, and a wide range of other aspects to help clients improve their lives in any number of ways. It’s an incredibly rewarding career, as you have the opportunity to see individuals live out their dreams, one day at a time.

What is the ACE Health Coach Certification?

ACE offers an alternative to Catalyst for earning your health and wellness coach certification. They take a very different approach to the educational process than Catalyst. That approach might be right for you or it may not be. We’d encourage you to do your homework very carefully before selecting your chosen path. Saving a few dollars now might seem like a good choice. However, the certification you select is building the foundation for your entire career. What may feel like a significant difference in your investment in the short run may be meaningless in a career lasting 10, 20 or 30+ years.

What is the National Society of Health Coaches?

The National Society of Health Coaches is an organization just like the Catalyst Coaching Institute. They offer a health coach certification. Upon quick review, it appears their program is primarily a self-study course with an exam. That option may be what you’re seeking, rather than the extensive training, practice sessions, 1:1 mentoring and other aspects available through the Catalyst Coaching Institute. Again, do your homework, review your options carefully, and decide the best way to invest your time and money toward a career that hopefully will last 10, 20, 30 or more years.

Is there a holistic health coach certification online?

Yes – the Catalyst program offers a holistic health coach certification online through our Distance Learning option. You can complete the entire program online and earn your certification in as little as 3 months (potentially less if you’re really focused).

What is an integrative nutrition health coach (or “What is an integrative health coach”)?

Integrative Nutrition is another organization that offers a health coach training. In some ways, it is similar to Catalyst but it puts a greater focus on the nutritional aspects of coaching. As noted above with other programs, take the time to do your homework, compare various programs, and determine which is the best fit to meet your career goals. Another similar option is the Nutritional Therapy Association. As a sidenote, Catalyst occasionally works with NTA to train their coaches in Motivational Interviewing and other coaching related aspects of interest. We also are pleased to be one of a select group of providers that is approved to provide CEUs for graduates of the NTA program.

Do you offer CEUs for Physical Therapists?

Yes – the Catalyst Coaching Institute is the only wellness coaching certification approved by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). This organization is the largest CEU approaval organization in the country. While it doesn’t cover every state, it does cover the majority. For those states that do not yet officially utilize FSBPT, they often will treat FSBPT approval as approved CEUs. Check with your state to be sure, but we are approved by the largest and most significant resource for Physical Therapists.

Is Catalyst an approved provider for the Nutritional Therapy Association?

Yes – the Nutritional Therapy Association has awarded the Catalyst Coaching Institute with their highest possible award of 10 business CEUs for those who complete the CWC (Certified Wellness Coach) certification through Catalyst. This applies to both the FastTrack and the Distance Learning options.

Does Catalyst prepare us for the National Wellness Coaching Board Exam through the ICHWC?

Yes – the Catalyst Coaching Institute was one of the first organizations in the country to be approved by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC) back in 2015. Individuals who complete all the requirements will be eligible to sit for the national board exam through the ICHWC. In fact, at least two of the Catalyst Mentor Coaches have been invited to participate in the ICHWC exam development/enhancement process going forward. Also, we provide all of our students access to 6 Exam Review Study Sessions – at no charge! We are in this together and dedicated to helping you reach your goal to become a NBC-HWC.

Is the CWC certification approved by the NATA-BOC for Certified Athletic Trainers?

Yes – the Catalyst Coaching Institute is approved by the National Athletic Trainer’s Board of Certification (NATA-BOC) to provide CEUs for Certified Athletic Trainers. Please contact us for more details.