Business Building Tools and Resources

The focus of our training at the Catalyst Coaching Institute is insuring you are ready to be an exceptional coach upon completion of the program. However, we also understand that for many of our graduates, a goal of running a business is part of the plan as well.  We’re able to help in this area as well, if desired, through the following options:

  • Regular (optional) webinars on the Business of Wellness Coaching and Integrating Wellness into Your Clinical Practice
  • Focus groups during the lunch hours during the Fast Track on-site training
  • A comprehensive coaching toolbox is available for a small monthly fee that allows you to immediately launch your coaching business while leveraging your time, enhancing your value and building your credibility
  • Training developed and facilitated by one of the most respected national employee wellness providers, so you receive training that goes beyond the academic side of the equation. As one of only 9 national companies to earn Full Accreditation through URAC as a Comprehensive Wellness Provider, you’ll receive practical, real-world guidance throughout the CWC certification process.

Business Building Tools and Resources

For wellness coaches who desire to start their own business quickly and easily, the following is available for a nominal monthly fee of $49/month + $5/client ($99 one-time set-up fee) in our Coaching Web Portal Tools:

  • Professional Email Address
  • High-end Health Risk Assessment
  • Electronic Scheduling System
  • Comprehensive Client Note/Tracker System
  • HIPAA-Compliant Ready and Secure
  • Automated Client Interaction
  • Smoking Cessation and Weight Management Modules
  • Client Goal-setting Tools
  • Fitness and Nutrition Tracker
  • Individual, Group and Team Challenges
  • FitBit Integration

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