Where’s the Beef, Wellness Coach?

Back in 1984, the hamburger chain Wendy’s grabbed the nation’s attention with their “Where’s the Beef?” television commercial.

Pic - Where's the Beef

The essence of their message was simple –  all the fluff (ketchup, mustard, lettuce, bun, etc) doesn’t matter much if the beef isn’t notable. In the process, Wendy’s was asking us to make the size of the beef patty the key measureable in our decision of where to buy a hamburger.

As a wellness coach, you are helping your clients identify their own “beef” in their wellness pursuits.  No beef?  Then you’re likely to soon find yourself with no clients in your wellness coaching business! The variety of options you have in tracking your clients’ progress is almost endless, but it’s up to you to dial in the key figures and bring them to their attention as you move forward.

A list of options? That is completely dependent upon the focus your client is taking.  For someone who is fitness oriented, it might be a Functional Threshold Test result or a mile repeat outcome. For the individual looking to manage stress more effectively, it might include sleep quality/quantity. Obviously biometric screening results (Blood Pressure, BMI, blood glucose, etc) can play a role. The list is almost endless, but the value of incorporating “the beef” into your coaching review/analysis and goal setting is undeniable.

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