Where Did the Year Go??

As the pages of the calendar prepare to roll over into December, there seems to be a common question on the lips of (practically) everyone these past few weeks: “Where did the year go?”

The answer is actually quite simple, right? It went exactly where you placed it. Now whether an individual places our single most valuable resource (time) purposefully or accidentally over the past 12 months is a matter of choice… or choices. Daily, weekly, monthly choices about where we’ll invest our time.

In working with our clients – or maybe, just possibly, in our own lives, the answer to the question “where did the time go?” is generally straight-forward, albeit discouraging if we’ve spent the past year just going through the motions, wishing for Friday on Monday morning, and dreaming of the “someday” that is taking place right in front of our eyes! On the other hand, maybe you’re one of those folks who is wrapping up a year of purpose.  If so, then you know EXACTLY where the year went – and you’re happy about it!

That may be part of the draw of an advanced certification or degree or big race or building something, or…  It provides a clear purpose – a direction that centers the rest of your life. You put your stake in the ground with your name on it, and the oncoming water flows around it, clearing room for the purpose you bring to the table.

As you look ahead to 2015, how will this year be different? We don’t control the outcomes – but we do control the daily choices and the purpose toward which those choices take us.  In what ways will you adjust those choices in the coming year so that at this point next year, when someone says “Where did the year go?” you (and your wellness coaching clients) can answer with confidence and a smile: “Exactly where I put it!”

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