Wellness Coaching Tools to Make Your Job Easier (and More Effective)

Wellness coaching takes a special approach from a gifted and focused individual to be effective.  But what about when you’re not actually doing the wellness coaching?  Is that it? If your client isn’t speaking with you directly, there’s no benefit taking place?  If so, please consider some of the following aspects.  In order to build a successful coaching model (and business, for that matter), it’s important to have a variety of tools and resources available to your clients when you’re not directly speaking with them.
We thought it would be helpful to include a short list of some of the things you – in your wellness coaching – will want to be sure to include to compliment your actual coaching itself.  Here is a starting point…
  1. Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment – this tool will not only provide you with immediate credibility in the eyes of your client (or the companies for whom you provide the wellness services).  Rather, it will also provide a valuable roadmap for many of your client discussions.
  2. Contests (or team challenges) – these resources, which range from “Biggest Loser”- type contests to Steps to a wide variety of other options, are extremely popular among many participants.  They not only build a sense of the “group” but they also naturally create accountability and consistency.
  3. Fitness and Nutrition Trackers – these tools, while they’re not for everyone, allow individuals to specifically track how they’re doing.  As their coach, you’ll want to be able to confidentially review the data, and the journalizing process itself will create positive movement on the part of the participant.
  4. Goal setting tools – as you know well, most individuals are not very good at setting goals.  An effective goal setting tool can compliment your discussion and assist your client in creating the desired long term change.
There are certainly other aspects that will benefit your wellness coaching, but start with the above list and you’ll find your clients making more progress, more quickly, as well as attributing significantly more value to the service you are providing for them.  If you’d like an inexpensive way in which to implement all of the above components immediately and at a minimal cost, you may want to look into http://www.wellnesscoachcatalyst.com/

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