Wellness Coaching Jobs

Wellness Coaching is a rapidly growing profession, full of opportunity for those who are credible and bring a strong work ethic to the table. We receive many inquiries about the types of roles and positions that exist in today’s marketplace for a Certified Wellness Coach so thought the following might be a helpful starting point for many of our current and future graduates:

  • Independent Practice — Many wellness coaches choose to start their own wellness coaching practice.  This is a solid option for the individual who likes autonomy and is willing to put in the work to build a practice. We’ve written frequently elsewhere in this blog and have provided various special reports that will likely be beneficial to the individual taking this route. This path may require patience initially but often results in a role with outstanding flexibility and  – if done effectively –  can provide a healthy income at the same time.
  • Partner with (or integrate into) a Clinical Practice — Many clinicians (ie, Nurses, Physical Therapists, etc) are adding the CWC (Certified Wellness Coach) credential to their resume. Doing so expands their expertise and also can allow for an enhanced level of complimentary services during treatment and as a post-discharge option. If you don’t happen to be a clinician, this still may open up an opportunity, as you may be able to partner with a clinical setting in order to provide your much-needed service to their patients.
  • Work for a National Wellness Company — There are several variations of national wellness providers, so do you homework carefully before accepting a job offer. Some organizations will take a more personalized approach, where the Certified Wellness Coach will build a relationship with a select number of clients to help guide them through their journey. This is the model we implement at US Corporate Wellness. Others organize their coaching model as more of a call center-based approach, where each coach may be responsible for (literally) thousands of potential clients.  Consider your goals and what fits you the best if you decide to move forward in this direction.

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