Wellness Coach Distance Learning Certification

You’ve made a decision – you are going to be a Wellness Coach! Or perhaps you’ve decided to integrate wellness coaching into your practice as a Physical Therapist, Physician, Nurse, Dietician or other health care provider.  You’ve done your homework on the various certifications available, their accreditations, format, and the actual people who provide the certification. After all of the research, interviewing providers and stacking one up against the other, you’ve decided the Catalyst Coaching Institute is the best fit for you.  Great to hear!

Unfortunately, as much as you’d like to be a part of the on-site, face-to-face certification training in Colorado, you’re facing one of two issues (possibly both)…

  1. You’re not able to work the specific training dates for the on-site portion into your busy work and family schedule and/or
  2. The additional cost of the flight, hotel, rental car and other miscellaneous expenses just doesn’t work with your current budget

We get it. And as a result of many, many (many!) discussions with folks just like you over the years, we’ve now added a Distance Learning option for those who want to earn their CWC certification but are facing one of the above issues.  Congratulations!

However, this was not an easy or quick process.  In fact, we devoted much of 2014 to the process, doing everything possible to be sure the experience those involved in the Distance Learning certification training was comparable to those who come on-site for the FastTrack certification training. That process is now complete and available to you at www.CatalystCoachingInstitute.com.

Yes – we continue to offer the on-site (FastTrack) option for those who appreciate the face-to-face interaction with instructors and other wellness coaches. And for those who can make that option work, you won’t be disappointed as it’s a tremendous time of networking, mentoring, practicing and growing both personally and professionally.  However, we understand that simply doesn’t work for many people and are EXTREMELY excited to now be offering a high quality, distance learning wellness coaching (CWC) certification as of 2015.

Questions? We’re always happy to connect with you personally to answer those questions and talk through whether or not the Distance Learning Wellness Coach Certification is a good fit for your current or future career plans.  Thanks for trusting us to come alongside you in the process.

Certified Wellness Coach


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