Wellness Coach Certification – Consider the Source

When it comes to earning your wellness coach certification, your options are extensive.  There are many aspects to carefully consider (and which we’ll gradually address as part of this blog), but the SOURCE of the certification is among the most important.

One may not naturally think that a glass of water and a wellness coach certification have anything in common.  Actually – they do.  Water is water, right?  There’s not really much of a difference, is there?  At a surface level, you would be correct – any glass of water looks like any other glass.  But when you go back to the source of the water, the differentiation begins to show itself.  The source determines the actual value of the water.  If the source is polluted or simply isn’t pure, then the value drops to zero. In fact, considering there’s a cost in extracting the water (and there may be an additional cost in seeking treatment for the polluted or impure product), the value may actual go below zero to a negative figure.

When it comes to earning your CWC as a Certified Wellness Coach, the analogy holds.  One wellness coach certification may look just like the next – until you consider the source of the certification.  That source drives the value.  And just like the water, that value may be minimal, zero, or – due to the time, money and energy you will invest in earning the certification – may even create a negative value.

Interested in value?  Go back to the source.

PS – feel free to visit https://www.uscorporatewellness.com/ to get a sense about the source of the CWC wellness coach certification offered by the Catalyst Coaching Institute.  US Corporate Wellness has been educating coaches nationwide since early 2007 and is one of less than a dozen providers nationally to earn Full Accreditation as a Comprehensive Wellness Provider through URAC.

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