Wellness Coach “Branding” Awareness Impacts Your Business

From our experience, almost every wellness coach we’ve met are simply good people.  They’re likable, personable, and they care deeply about those around them – including (or especially) their clients.
But the wellness coach is often not strong in the area of business concepts.  As a result, they grow a very loyal, but very small group of clients, hit a plateau in their business and really, really struggle to get past that initial plateau.  Every once in awhile, we’ll address some of key areas to building an actual independent wellness coaching business into an actual business.  If you’d like more information on this topic, it might be worth visiting http://www.wellnesscoachcatalyst.com/
This time around, we’re going to talk about your branding as a wellness coach. Your “branding” as a wellness coach matters – more than you may realize.  In fact, once you move beyond working with just “friends and family,” it determines in great part how successful you can become as a business owner.  Just like you may have some of your clients work on “core stability” to improve everything from back pain to cycling performance, building a brand is, in many ways, creating core stability in your business.
So what exactly is your brand, anyway? What are we talking about when using that word?  In a nutshell, it’s everything that represents you when you’re not directly “there.”
It’s your email address… your web portal… your voice mail message… your website URL… your professional credibility (training, certification, etc)… the speed of your website…your response time to emails and phone messages…
Get the message?  You might say that your brand is everything that “talks” about you when you’re not actually there to talk.
Based on the above, how is your branding looking these days? For someone who doesn’t know you personally, does your “brand” announce your professionalism?  or shout out “amateur” in its messaging? What could you do to improve one or more of these components over the coming days?  Then what would be next?  These are not simply nice little add-ons.  These are critical to your business – that is, if you really plan to build a business.  If you’re pursuing a hobby, then no worries – not important.  However, for most of you, you want to move beyond the hobby.  You want to take these wonderful skills and gifts you have as a coach and put them into practice – as a business.  A good place to start is with your brand…

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