Using Social Media to Build Your Wellness Coaching Business

If you’re a Certified Wellness Coach who’s made the decision to start your own business, then there’s one very important aspect to moving forward: clients!  There are many ways in which you can build your business, but social media is certainly one of them. What follows are a few tips to get you started on the right path toward success in this area with your wellness coaching business:

  • Separate personal from business accounts – Depending on your preferred sites (ie, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc), you’ll typically have the option to set up a separate page or account for your wellness coaching business. Do it. That doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally reference your “business” posts on your personal page (see below) but it sets up a specific option for those most interested in your services.
  • Consistency is key – Posting once/week is better than nothing, but it falls well short of the potential. Keep in mind that while you may spend a significant amount of time on your chosen site, others may only glance at a few posts and move on. As a result, they miss your post if it’s only done occasionally.
  • Inform – don’t sell – Jeffrey Gitomer is fond of saying “People don’t like being sold… but they love to buy.” You don’t have to knock people over the head with your services. Instead, provide helpful links, informative articles, interesting tidbits, and occasionally dial into your specific services and what you provide. Keep them interested in you and they’ll likely become your clients – eventually.
  • Avoid overkill – This applies specifically to your personal pages. Friends are connected with you because they want to know about you – not read your sales pitch daily. Again – it’s fine to reference your services or link to your business post occasionally. However – the magic of Social Media is that people can easily choose what they want to read. Splice in an occasional note about what you offer professionally, but generally keep the personal – personal.

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