This is the Big Weekend!

This coming weekend provides one of the greatest opportunities we face all year! It can be the springboard for a new life – a new pursuit – a new habit. Best of all, it doesn’t even require intense discipline or sacrifice. It simply requires a decision.

Think about it. Most of us have at least a couple ideas in mind of things that would improve our lives. Going to bed a little earlier… making time for exercise in the morning… packing a healthy lunch to bring down the calories (and save some $$). In a couple of months, many of us will be sharing these items as our latest (or revamped) New Year’s Resolutions, only to have those “resolutions” fall flat within a week or two of launch. One of the core reasons for this is relatively simple: we set the “resolution” during a week in which many of us are spending less time at work (between Christmas and New Year’s). In the midst of this extra time, goals that require time appear reasonable, practical, even exciting! So, in the midst of this holiday delusion, we throw realism to the wind and claim “This is the year!”

Except it’s not the year. It’s the same story as last year. The goal that made perfect sense when working limited hours doesn’t fit into the life that existed pre December 24th. As our regular work schedule kicks back in, suddenly that seemingly realistic goal moves back out of reach. The (relatively obvious) answer is to shift your sleep schedule so you’re hitting the pillow 30-60 minutes earlier and rising the same 30-60 minutes early. That additional time provides the ability to accomplish almost any new goal. Unfortunately, making that type of physical shift can seem almost impossible.

Until now. THIS WEEKEND offers an incredible alternative to that trend. On Sunday evening, your clock will say 9 PM, but your body will think it’s 10 PM. Go to bed! Then stay on your old (pre-time change) schedule the next morning. Rinse and repeat.

Boom – you just made the shift. You just opened up your life to new opportunities, you set yourself up to accomplish new goals. You are going to nail (and maintain) that New Year’s resolution 2 months early!! All you have to do is STAY on your old schedule!!

Or – you can stay up late to watch whatever life-changing television show (cough, cough) is on your screen Sunday night, sleep in until the “new” (later) wake-up time. Within 3 days you’ll be totally adjusted to the new sleep schedule and this incredible opportunity will vanish.

On this one weekend of the year, it’s not a difficult step. It’s simply a decision.

Your move.

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