This Equation Could Change Your Life

Is it possible for an equation to literally change your life? Of course not – but the APPLICATION of what we are about to share could certainly have a significant impact on your future outcomes in life.  And, if you’re struggling in a specific area at the moment, it could provide a valuable boost going forward.  The equation is as follows:

Fn (F5) * P = Oε

The F5 is in reference to the 5 key areas of life we’ve written about previously:

  • Faith
  • Friends/Family
  • Fuel/Fitness
  • Field of Play (Career and Hobbies)
  • Finances

The Fn brings a functionality to everything we pursue.  Most of the time, we – our our wellness coaching clients – will set great goals, but they simply don’t fit with life. That’s fine, IF there is a strategy developed on what other changes will be made to allow those to actually “fit” into life – real life. However, without the Fn, there will be no beneficial long-term outcome worth discussing.

The P in the equation is the implementation of the action plan. It’s great to identify a specific target goal, build in strategies on how to insure that goal is functional. However, until specific action steps are identified and then committed to OBSESSIVELY on a monthly/weekly/daily and even moment by moment basis, all we have is an idea.  The plan outlines exactly what will happen when, what resources are involved (including time, money, focus, energy, and more).

And finally, the Oε stands for the Enhanced Outcome. Notice this doesn’t state “accomplished result” or “destination.” We are responsible for taking the steps, for creating the plans and moving forward consistently. However, the ultimate outcome includes many, many variables. Admitting this will allow us to focus on the actions that drive the “enhanced” aspect rather than obsessing about an exact outcome over which we ultimately are not in control.

Fully integrating the Fn (F5) * P = Oε equation into your annual/quarterly or even weekly review (in your own life and that of your clients) is certain to provide the direction needed to make the most of the coming year.  This is one equation that really can (will) help change life for the better.

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