The Wellness Vision

What vision do you have for your wellness coaching business (or applying that component of your clinical offerings)? Do you know where you’re heading and where you want to end up? Or are you more like Alice in Wonderland when she’s speaking to the Chesire Cat about the best way to go. He responds that “it depends on where you’d like to end up.” When she says she doesn’t much know, he wisely answers “then it doesn’t really matter which way you choose.”
When we don’t have a clear vision for where we’re heading in either or professional or personal lives, we typically end up wandering aimlessly. We wake up 5 (or 10 or 20 or…) years later and ask “where did my life/career go?” The answer, unfortunately or fortunately, is that it went exactly where we invested it. The key is being clear about the roadmap along the way.
As part of the Coaching MBA (see for details), participants engage in a 100 Day Logbook activity, which helps clearly clarify goals and then stay on top of them over a dialed-in, 100 day period. The next C-MBA cohort doesn’t start until this spring, but you can start the process yourself by committing to an objective, measurable goal and launching each day with it in the forefront of your mind (and plans).

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