The Five Days of New Years?

You know all about the 12 Days of Christmas – but do you recall the 5 Days of New Years? If so, you know these 5 days can help you to create the best year of your life if you treat them wisely. The key to optimizing your coming year involves the F5 (see previous post about the F5 strategy here), and there is no better time to ponder and address the F5 than during the 5 Days of New Years.

December 27th – Faith: This is a chance to consider where I stand in my faith and the impact it has on the other aspects of my life. How would I like to see that change in the coming year? What would that look like? What is the first step I need to take?

December 28th – Family/Friends: How are the key relationships in my life? Is there one I’d like to see enhanced in the new year? What steps are necessary on my part (regardless of the other person’s response) that would start things in the right direction as the page turns to the new year?

December 29th – Field of Play: As we noted in the original F5 post, the Field of Play refers to our professional and personal pursuits (work and hobbies). The BIG question to ask here is whether I’m on the right field in the first place, as we have the choice (maybe not immediately but with planning) to choose a different field. While it’s easy to feel “stuck,” the choice is ours to take with some advanced planning. What does that mean for me in the coming year, both professionally and personally?

December 30th – Fuel/Fitness: This is the one that generally gets most of the attention heading into the new year, and for good reason. The choices we make related to what we put into our bodies and what we do with our bodies impacts all areas of our life, both short and long term. Successful choices here involve gradual changes, so what is one small step I can take today to enhance this area to create a base on which to build future success?

December 31st – Finances: The last of the F5 is in many ways a reflection of the other 4, and it certainly influences the others. As I review the past year, what steps do I need to take to get my finances on the right track going forward. As with the other aspects of the F5, there is no such thing as an easy fix. However, a commitment implemented consistently can be life-changing.

The 5 days of New Years – invest them wisely and set up the coming year to be the launch of the new you – for good!

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