The Eyes Have It

If you’re a cyclist, you know what happens when you’re flying down a hill and spot a pebble in the road. The natural response is to stare down the pebble and tell yourself “don’t hit it… don’t hit it… don’t” BOOM!  Ok – hopefully not “boom!” as in a flat tire or a downed bike, but it’s amazing how often that little rock that measures less than 1/2 inch in diameter in a bike lane 3 feet wide finds it’s way to your tire. What is going on?

Simply stated, the body (and in this case, bike) follows the eyes, regardless of what the brain attempts to over-ride. The skilled cyclist knows to recognize the stone but then focus the eyes on the open space, and the bike will glide through the open space.

So what does that have to do with wellness and wellness coaching? Quite a bit, actually. We will chase where our eyes focus. If your client is “saying” they want to achieve one thing, but their focus is on something entirely different, guess which one will come to fruition? Or if you, in running your independent wellness coaching business, “say” you’d like to build a successful business but your eyes are focused elsewhere, success is a longshot.

Words can be powerful, but the eyes tell the truth. What are the eyes telling you?

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