The Best Super Hero of All

From Captain America to Wonder Woman, Black Widow to Superman, human beings are drawn to super heroes.  The psychology of this tendency is both deep and wide.  The 2012 Avengers movie alone brought in $623 Million domestically.  That’s just one movie and includes only US sales! Add to that the success of the multitude of individual hero movies and the trend is undeniable.  We love our heroes!

There’s a new hero in town – and this one has the potential to be more life-changing than any other hero ever created.  The name of this superhero?  OPTI ME!!

Opti Me is different than any other super hero you’ve ever encountered. Opti Me is the super hero inside of each one of us – the Optimal ME!  Opti Me is the hero that each one of us is able to create out of our own lives.  She or he is the hero we can each become as we make the most of who we are and what we’ve been provided.  Sounding a little hokey?  Let’s look at the research…

Willpower – which is one of the central drivers to optimizing our own lives – is like a muscle.  It’s something we ALL have. As with the muscles in our body, willpower becomes stronger with use.  In addition, according to Dr. McGonigal of Stanford University, sleep and nutrition actually allow current levels of willpower to function at a higher level of performance!  (this shouldn’t be a surprise when taking the muscle comparison into account – any high level athlete knows that smart fueling and sleep are keys to optimizing performance).

The interesting part of this enhanced “willpower strength” is the presence of what Charles Duhigg calls “Keystone Habits” (from his book The Power of Habit).  These habits not only influence our lives in that particular area, but also impact other key areas of life.  So, the person who begins to exercise will also be more productive at work, will start eating better, enhance their financial situation and bring more to the table with their family and co-workers.

Are you picking up the Super Hero part of this yet?  Let’s take a closer look with Superman as our model hero…

Superman was just a regular guy on his home planet of Krypton.  But when he came to earth, he suddenly had super powers by comparison to everyone else on earth. This is EXACTLY how we have the opportunity to become the OPTI ME super hero in our own worlds.  Most of the population is grounded to earth, living on junk food, rarely exercising, carrying extra weight around, and surviving the day on various forms of caffeine and sugar.  These are synonymous with the Kryptonite that weakened Superman, making him no different than anyone else here on earth.

Becoming the super hero Opti Me is not some dream – it’s a reality if we choose to take the steps to leave Krypton behind.  The steps to Opti Me are 3-fold: Move, Fuel and Rest.  Incorporating these into our lives will LITERALLY turn you into a Super Hero!  This is not a comic book – it’s our lives! And life as Opti Me has potential so far beyond where most of us are currently living.

Are you looking to improve relationships, make more money, become more valued at work, have less knee, foot and back pain, become more productive at work, etc., etc., etc.?  You don’t need a drug or a lottery ticket or a new book. If you’re interested in becoming the super hero Opti Me, it’s all in your hands:  Move, Fuel, Rest, Repeat.  It’s not as simple as shouting “Shazam!” or jumping into a phone booth, but over time, you’ll absolutely find yourself soaring above the crowds.

Ready to save your world?  Instead of looking for someone else to fix things, let’s strap on our Optimizing Capes and make the most out of who we are.  We’re likely to find that there’s no better super hero than Opti Me!!

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