Renew and Recharge: Self-Care for Wellness Coaches


You’re a master at coaching others on health and wellness, but are you setting aside time for yourself?

As health and wellness coaches, we work hard and often put in long hours behind the scenes to help our clients become their best selves. We coach clients to achieve a balance in work and life and to practice healthy habits, but in doing so it becomes easy to forget to practice these habits ourselves. When self-care is set aside, you run the risk of burnout and becoming a less effective coach. With National Relaxation Day on August 15, it’s a great time to ask yourself if you’re taking the time to recharge your own internal batteries. Here’s a few ideas for health and wellness coaches to renew and relax: 

Attend a retreat: Leaving the setting where you spend most of your time and stepping into a place where you have the time and space to focus on yourself can do wonders for personal and professional renewal. A retreat with like-minded people in a peaceful setting takes it to the next level, which is why CCI offers a 3-day mountain retreat and symposium specifically tailored to health and wellness coaches. This retreat turns the typical jam-packed, often overwhelming and physically draining conference upside down. You will earn plenty of CEUs (17 qualifying credits), but our unique scheduling approach allows you to learn in a relaxed setting that puts your need for rejuvenation at the forefront.

Listen to a podcast: Putting in earbuds and listening to something inspiring is a great way to slow down and focus. CCI has an entire podcast series for wellness coaches; among those that may help you re-energize are the episodes on identifying a clear personal vision and practical mindfulness.

Practice what you preach: What activities allow you to become the best version of yourself? Think of the best practices you help guide your clients toward. Perhaps you need to commit to getting more sleep, evaluate an exercise routine, or set aside 20 minutes for reading before bed. What would another wellness coach advise you to do in order to feel more relaxed and renewed? Focus on improving one healthy habit just for yourself.

There’s no one right way to achieve renewal and relaxation, but it’s an important thing for health and wellness coaches to remember to do. Ask yourself how you can take better care of your mind and body, and contact us if you’d like to take advantage of CCI’s opportunities for professional renewal.

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