Realisticing (New Word – Powerful Process)

With 2016 coming to a close, attention on “New Year’s Resolutions” will soon become the #1 talking point on multiple fronts. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these “resolutions” will fall to the wayside within weeks (at best). The solution? Realisticing!

Yes – we understand that (at least up until now), the word “Realisticing” has not been a “real word.” However, we’re convinced that it is the key to moving resolutions (or we prefer to describe them as “decisions”) from a good idea to a consistent part of life. The reason for this is relatively simple:

Most resolutions are created within the vacuum that exists between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Life isn’t simple during that week, but it certainly couldn’t be considered normal either. Many people are off work during that time period. Even many of those who are working often have a shorter work week or reduced hours. There is often extra time available for sleep, exercise and time with family, among other things. Forgetting we’re living outside of reality during this 3-7 day period, we begin dreaming about how things could be – how our lives would be so much better if we’d integrate these components into our daily lives throughout the year. We’re right, of course. However, for a goal to be reached, it must be created with at least a baseline of realism. That’s where “Realisticing” comes in.

Realisticing is asking how, when and where about each of our goals. We typically don’t have any trouble dialing in the who (me), what (the goal), and why (the outcome). But for some reason we just assume the when/where/how will take care of itself if we have adequate commitment and discipline. Commitment and discipline are outstanding allies to reaching a goal. However, if we start by “realisticing” our goals out of the gate, our likelihood of success is greatly enhanced.

Let’s say, for example, that your goal for the coming year is to exercise 30-60 minutes, 3 times/week. You make it your “resolution” and set off into the new year to make it happen!

Monday/Wednesday/Friday seem like the natural option. You’ll just get up a little earlier, get to the rec center nearby and get it done before work. Oh wait – Mondays don’t work because you take your daughter to school on Mondays. So you miss that first Monday (because you forgot about your plan until Sunday night), decide to skip Wed/Fri and just start the next week… but the pattern repeats itself and soon the resolution is a distant memory.

Let’s try this again – “Realisticing Style.” This time, carefully consider the When/Where/How part of the equation.  Monday mornings obviously don’t work but Sunday afternoon during the game would be a perfect time to start out the week on a high note. There’s a walking group at work that you could join on Wednesdays over lunch. Then Friday morning would be a perfect day to hit the rec center on the way to work and miss some of that traffic.

Boom! Realisticing (When/Where/How) turns the resolution from a “nice idea” into a reality! This is clearly a simple process that you, as a Wellness Coach, can not only apply to your own life, but utilize to help your clients dial in their goals as well.

“Realisticing” – a strange new word that just might make the coming year your best yet!

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