Networking Matters If…

Social networking matters – but don’t skip traditional networking in the process

The commitment to even just 1 hour/week to an organized social media strategy can pay significant dividends.  Through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or a combination of these tools, you can communicate and engage with current, former and future clients and stay on their radar screen going forward. It also provides you with an additional outlet for newsletters and other communication tools.  Obviously, if you’re not careful, this can become a drain on your time and energy.  However, if you commit to the process of putting together a systematic strategy, this process can be quite valuable.

In the process of developing your social media campaign, don’t neglect traditional face to face networking opportunities. People enjoy working with people they know, making this an important investment of time. However, keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to attend cocktail events (although that may not be a bad audience for you if you and it lends itself to some creative strategies for a wellness coach). Rather, your networking might involve triathlon clubs, running groups, hiking expeditions and other activities that draw people who have an interest in enhancing their life – and you can help them do so more completely.

Regardless of which of these on which you are currently focused, be sure to go in with a strategy.  While both can be beneficial when done consistently and effectively, both can also be a waste of time if pursued haphazardly or randomly.

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