National Certification Changes: What Health and Wellness Coaches Need to Know


Have you been considering sitting for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching certification? If so, the time to begin is now. Big changes are coming to the certification process in October 2020, when there will be an increase in the required number of hours and the cost of national exam prerequisites. Here are a few motivating reasons for why you should get started now with this process: 

  • We’re currently in the “Transition Phase while CCI is in the process of applying for the permanent phase, current requirements allow students a window of opportunity to qualify for the national board certification exam at a lower cost and with less required training hours. 
  • Cost SavingsAfter October 30, 2020, costs will increase dramatically to take the national board certification. Many companies have already raised their prerequisite class training costs with this announcement, but CCI’s prices remain the same through the Transition Phase.
  • Time SavingsThere will be an increase in the number of required hours for national exam prerequisites after October 2020. Completing your requirements now will save you both money and time. 
  • You can still take prerequisites – CCI has several dates for the Certified Wellness Coach program, which, in combination with the Master Certified Wellness Coach training, will provide you the requirements to take the NBHWC Certifying Exam.

Not sure where to get started? We can help. Catalyst Coaching can provide you with guidance and the pathway you need to take the NBHWC exam. There’s still time to register for upcoming 2019-20 courses, so contact us today to learn more about upcoming workshops and programs.

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