Nail It!

In just 2 short weeks, your role as a Certified Wellness Coach will be on full display.  The entire world (seemingly) will be talking about goals, making positive life changes around weight, stress, sleep, nutrition, relationship, finances, and more.  YOU will play a critical role in helping your clients make 2015 a memorable year of learning, growing, falling, resetting and progressing toward the best possible version of themselves (optimizing reality, right?).

One of the concepts that will be noted repeatedly by speakers, trainers, writers and others is the importance of forming a clear vision of the future.  “Picture the future you” they’ll say, “and then make it a reality.”  Certainly, vision is important.  Knowing where you’re heading has immense value in a multitude of ways. We’ve written about that here in the past and will do so again in the future.  However, in the midst of focusing on the “future me” – it’s easy to waste the “now.”

If you haven’t heard Eric Thomas speak, he’s worth a listen.  He calls himself the “HipHop Preacher” and he brings energy and a powerful message of moving forward in your life, not accepting the status quo.  However, there was one thing he said that really got my attention:

You don’t focus on the next year. You focus on the 24 hours in front of you and you NAIL IT!”

Got it?  This is a critical concept as you work with your wellness coaching clients heading into the new year or a new season of life.  Yes – form the vision. Yes – get clear about that vision. Yes – revisit that vision consistently to monitor progress.  However, too often, we get so focused on something a year out that we don’t maximize TODAY! This MOMENT! The opportunity RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

What would happen if you as a Certified Wellness Coach or if each of your wellness coaching clients took this attitude about their life in the year ahead?  They form a vision (you obviously can’t “nail it” if you don’t know where you’re heading in the first place) and then as each day begins, they put their energy into MAXIMIZING the next 24 hours.  To NAILING every opportunity presented to them (me) over the course of the what’s in front of me today.

What outcome would that strategy produce??


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