Looking to Expand or Shrink Your Wellness Coaching Business?

One of the things our (now 21, 19 and 14 year old) kids probably got very tired of me mentioning to them as they were growing up was that they had the choice as to whether they wanted their world to expand or shrink. If they made good choices with their time and energy, showed they were trustworthy and dependable, we would provide more freedom and less restrictions (ie, with whom they were spending time, their curfew, opportunities to earn a little more money, etc) – effectively expanding their world.

If, on the other hand, they preferred to shrink their world, all they had to do was to treat the options within their current “world” poorly (late, treating others – including their siblings – negatively, dropping the ball on specific responsibilities, etc). The “smaller world” might take the form of less access to a phone, more restrictions on who/what/where. You get the idea – and if you’re a parent, you probably took a similar tact. The key was that THEY controlled the outcome.

Guess what – the exact same is true in our careers as health and wellness coaches. We all face opportunities today within our current (health and wellness career) “world.” If we make the most of those, it will expand. Those opportunities will become bigger and more significant, along with our business or career. If we throw away opportunities or give only partial effort, they will shrink.

It’s our choice. No matter how insignificant that opportunity sitting on our desk or on our computer screen seems today, let’s give it 100%. The result could be (WILL be) life changing!

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