Know Our Clients, But…

As a certified wellness coach, it’s obviously important to know our clients.  This goes beyond their basic goals such as weight management, fitness pursuits or life balance.  It’s just as (more?) important to understand their:

  • History (including both successes and struggles)
  • Energizers – what gives them a natural boost (and we’re not talking caffeine or other stimulants)
  • Family situation
  • Work – both current setting and future plans
  • Temperament (and possibly Interaction Style)

You get the idea.  If we’re to help our clients beyond superficial tips, we’ve got to really know what makes them tick – and more importantly – why.

However, as important as it is to know our clients, it’s even more important to know that regardless of how much we learn, our clients are still the experts of their own life.  So go ahead – dig deep… build the relationships… ask the questions… but in the end, remember that our clients are the experts.  And regardless of how much we know about them, they will always know more.

Keep making a difference!

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