Is a Wellness Coach Certification Valuable to a Physical Therapist or PTA?

The integration of wellness and certified wellness coaching is quickly becoming one of the most common ways in which Physical Therapists and PT Assistants are choosing to enhance their careers or grow their facility.  The reasons for this choice makes very good sense, as both PTs and PTAs have very good backgrounds, a natural passion for the broader topic of health and wellness and may even have a facility in which wellness activities and classes can take place.

So why would  a Physical Therapist or PT Assistant want to look into earning certification as a wellness coach?  Simply stated – while Wellness Coaching and Physical Therapy certainly have much in common, they are also involve very different skills. This is not the place to cover these differences in detail, but here’s a simple example:  When a patient comes into the facility to meet with the PT, the PT is seen as “the expert.”  Evaluate and treat.  In contrast, the Wellness Coach, while she or he brings a great deal of expertise to the table, has a goal of the client maintaining the role of the “expert” in his or her own life.  As a result, less “telling” or “teaching” takes place and a greater emphasis is placed on aspects like intrinsic motivation and motivational interviewing.

In addition to the knowledge (competence) gained as part of the certification, there is also the issue of credibility.  When moving into the wellness arena, the PT or PT Assistant is now competing with many other credible individuals for business.  Just as you likely look for the CPA letters when seeking out an Accountant or the CFP when working with a Financial Planner, clients looking for assistance in the wellness arena will likely be looking for the CWC (certified wellness coach) certification credentials.

In addition, PTs and PTAs will be pleased to learn that the CWC offered by the Catalyst Coaching Institute has been approved for CEUs across dozens of states nationally by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) and one of our Co-Founders is himself a Physical Therapist and the Career Coach columnist for the APTAs PT in Motion since 2000.  You’ll feel right at home.

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