Is Earning Your Wellness Coach Certification Worthwhile?

Earning your wellness coach certification requires an investment of both time and finances.  A natural question would obviously be – Is wellness coach certification and training worthwhile?

Worth is defined in great part by the return you receive on the investment made.  For example, if you purchase a new shirt for $20, do you receive at least $20 or more in return for your investment?  This can be very subjective for something like a piece of clothing.  Purchasing a mutual fund, on the other hand, is easily measured.  If you invest $1,000 in a mutual fund and it provides you with $1,200, then you’ve received a return of $200, or 20% of your original investment.

Your investment  toward earning your wellness coach certification can be relatively straight-forward, as it’s comprised primarily of time and money.  If the other side of the equation exceeds this investment, then it’s worthwhile.  If it falls short, then it was either a poor choice or the implementation was not adequate.

What does implementation mean?  How can you enhance the value of your CWC Certification?  Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  1. Credibility – add your CWC credential to your email signature and business card, representing your wellness coach certification in a visual manner
  2. Marketing – include the CWC emblem in your marketing materials, on your website, proposals and any other materials viewed by your clients or potential clients.
  3. Differentiation – ask your clients and potential clients about what’s important to them when it comes to wellness coaching.  Most likely this will lead into a valuable discussion about the steps you took to earn your designation as a Certified Wellness Coach

Value is determined by the user.  How are you planning to maximize the value of your certification? (Sidenote – if building your wellness coaching business from the ground up, it may be worth referencing

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