Interested in 1st Ever National Wellness Exam?

Are you interested in taking the 1st ever National Wellness Exam through the NCCHWC?
If you are a current student or graduate of the Catalyst Coaching Institute, you are on the right path to being eligible. If not, details for that initial step available here. Here’s what you need to know – go to for further information but this will provide you with a running start.
NCCHWC National Wellness Exam: September 2nd – 16th at testing centers nationwide.
Application phase: February 1st to April 15th
Requirements to apply:
Certificate of completion from the Catalyst Coaching Institute (the NCCHWC will be providing us with a specific form for you to send them. As soon as we receive it, we will be sending you the document you need)
     * Completion of the Fast Track Core Certified Wellness Coach Training
     * Completion of the Master Certified Wellness Coach Advanced Training – See the attached document for details.
                  * Our next session begins Feb. 20th and will run for 5 Monday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM MDT. Registration is now available at
                  * Includes a log of 50 coaching sessions (paid or unpaid)
Log of 50 Coaching Sessions
Documentation of Associates Degree or Higher – Details on how to submit this information are not yet listed on the NCCWHC website but will be available soon
(Some exceptions apply, so refer to the website for additional details)
If you are not ready to apply for the National Exam by the April 15th deadline, the NCCHWC is planning the second round of testing for the Spring of 2018 – with the application phase being in the Fall of 2017.
The first 2 exam application requirements fall under the Transition Phase requirements. It appears that once the Permanent Phase begins, the educational requirements will increase for your wellness coach training. We will keep you updated on future requirements.
If you plan to ever take the National Wellness Exam, I highly recommend you consider the exam in September 2017 or Spring 2018 due to the unknown Permanent Phase additional requirements.
Questions? Suzanna is happy to discuss at your convenience. Email her at [email protected] to set up a time.

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