How To Get Started With a Wellness Coach Certification in 7 Easy Steps

wellness coach certification

Do you know that the health coaching industry is worth $13.6 billion?

If you love helping others achieve their health and wellness goals, a career in wellness coaching may be for you!

Not only will you help others, but you will also have a fulfilling career and a flexible working environment — not to mention being an inspiration to others to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Are you interested? Keep reading to learn all about a wellness coach certification, and how to choose one that fits your unique needs.

Do You Need a Wellness Coach Certification?

Before you even start the hunt for the best wellness coach certification, you need to ask yourself this: Do I need one? There are different regulations depending on the area you live in, or what niche you want to work in.

Technically you don’t need to have a certificate to be a wellness coach. However, certain areas of the health industry may require some kind of education – this could be a degree or a specific certification. Understanding what type of work you want to do, or who you want to work with, will help you to decide if you need a certification.

1. What Type of Certification Do You Need

Once you decide that you would like to earn a certificate, focus on what you want to specialize in. Many wellness coaching programs provide training in a particular area such as nutrition, fitness, or managing stress. Other programs offer a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Aligning your career goals with the type of certification you need is essential. The best way to search for the right type of certification is to ask yourself what your interests are, or if you have any previous experience in a specific area.

The program you pick should give you not only knowledge but also practical skills that you can implement right after you complete it. In fact, many schools provide programs in which you learn about different health topics, as well as develop coaching skills and business skills.

2. Is It Industry-Recognized?

Regardless of your career goals, business path, or interests, it is always recommended to choose wellness coach training that is fully accredited. Not all teaching schools that provide wellness coach certification are industry recognized.

To land your dream job, or to even win the trust of clients, it is best to be backed by accreditation. Look for training schools that are approved by independent organizations such as the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching or the International Coaching Federation. When a training program is accredited, you know that the curriculum is of a high standard, and you will receive comprehensive training.

3. Time Involved

Each program differs not only in the curriculum but also in delivery time. Therefore, you need to look at how much time you have available to study to get certified. How much of the program is scheduled for set meeting times and how much of the program allows for a more self-paced approach. Most programs are a combination of both styles.

The duration of the program will differ too. It may take up to 12 months to complete a wellness coaching certificate. Some schools may offer a fast-track program that typically takes 4-8 months to complete.

The study time may need to be split between live lectures, online webinars, and practical coaching sessions. Looking at your current commitments, how much time can you dedicate to studying? You want to participate fully in whatever program you sign up for, so making sure that you have the available time is a must.

4. Money Investment

Cost can also be a factor when choosing the right wellness coach certification. Although there isn’t one rule for pricing, usually the longer and more involved the program, the more expensive it is.

You may need to look at getting the certification as a long-term investment in yourself. Depending on your career goals, it may enhance your path or be a first step in building a coaching practice.

Many schools offer payment plans, so if money is a factor in choosing the right certification, make sure that you speak with the provider first.

5. Read Reviews

Looking at testimonials and online reviews of both the school and the program is a step you cannot miss when looking at health and wellness coach certifications. Check if previous students confirmed that the program delivers what it promises and if the instructors are reputable.

6. Choose Your Preferred Training School

Depending on what area you want to specialize in and if you prefer to work more with other organizations, or if you want to run your own business, you need to look for a training school that meets your unique goals.

You will be investing your time and money into the certification, so check how much support you will get. Is there only support during the lectures, or are you part of a larger community? Is there any further learning or assistance once you complete the program and get your certification? The best way to determine which program is the best fit for you is to call the program and speak to a real person! Each program has its own personality and style — talk to an instructor and find out if the program fits what you are looking for as you move forward towards training.

7. Enroll

After all that hard work, you are ready to enroll! It is an exciting time for you, but remember that the more you participate in the training itself, the more you will get out of it.

Joining community groups and connecting with other students are part of the learning experience too. Dig in to all the modules and support that are offered, and you are on a path to getting certified and starting your new career!

How to Get a Wellness Coach Certification

Getting a wellness coach certification is easier than you think. Knowing what certification you need, how much time and money you are required to invest, as well as finding an industry-accredited training provider are good places to start.

Are you ready to become a wellness coach? Learn more about how we can help.

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